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User Info: ElenaFisher

2 weeks ago#1
Do you use Surround Sound with your Switch? - Results (52 votes)
Yes with an audio receiver
17.31% (9 votes)
Yes with a soundbar
11.54% (6 votes)
Yes with surround sound headphones
5.77% (3 votes)
65.38% (34 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Welcome to the Switch owner survey Day 10!

Each day I will ask a poll question related to Switch ownership to try and get a view of Switch owners.

Today's big Q is "Do you use Surround Sound with your Switch?".

I have a typical 5.1 setup with an AVR. Not very many games on Switch (or games in general) make great use of it though.

Current results (I will leave the other topics open and update them each day along with the new survey until they get locked)

- Day 1: How do you primarily play your Switch? (Handheld: 43.64%, Docked: 40%, Even split: 13.18%, Tabletop: 3.18%)
- Day 2: Where do you usually use your Switch? (Home: 88.29%, Even split: 7.21%, On the go: 4.5%)
- Day 3: How do you mostly buy games for Switch? (Physical: 50.61%, Digital: 32.79%, Even split: 16.6%)
- Day 4: Preferred controller (Official Pro Controller: 64.5%, Joy Con Grip: 11.83%, Detached Joy Cons: 11.24%, Other: 7.1%, Third-party Pro Controller style: 4.73%, Third-party Joy Con style: 0.59%)
- Day 5: When did you get your Switch? (At launch: 38.6%, 2017: 31.63%, 2018: 23.26%, 2019: 6.51%)
- Day 6: How many games do you have for Switch? (More than 50: 20.33%, 5~10: 20.33%, 11~20: 17.01%, 21~30: 14.52%, Less than 5: 10.79%, 31~40: 9.13%, 41~50: 7.88%)
- Day 7: Do you have Nintendo Switch Online (Yes: 60.76%, No: 39.24%)
- Day 8: What resolution TV do you play Switch on? (1080p: 52.78%, 4K: 34.72%, Other: 8.33%, 720p: 4.17%)
Day 9: What size TV do you play on? (43"~55": 35.19%, 32"~42": 25.93%, Less than 32": 18.52%, 56"~65": 18.52%, More than 65": 1.85%)

Open polls:
Day 5: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189706-nintendo-switch/77802383
Day 6: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189706-nintendo-switch/77804997
Day 7: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189706-nintendo-switch/77807802
Day 8: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189706-nintendo-switch/77810459
Day 9: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189706-nintendo-switch/77812699

User Info: DeliFlatChest

2 weeks ago#2
Not at all, in fact.
I don't think I've ever used surround sound before.

User Info: dotpatrick

2 weeks ago#3
I agree that most games don't have great surround sound mixes, which is disappointing. The games that do have great mixes are incredible though. It is understandable though as I am sure this poll will show, most people don't have surround sound setups.
stay golden

User Info: Down_Time

2 weeks ago#4
I have HTIB but I've not found many Switch games that actually support surround sound. My PS4 seems to make much better use of it. Not a big deal though.
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User Info: ElenaFisher

2 weeks ago#5
Yeah. The only list I could find about surround sound support was pretty short. Even games that support it on other platforms like Hellblade aren't surround sound supported on Switch.

User Info: Playsaver

2 weeks ago#6
A lot of games seem to be set up to require you to use 2 channel sound and then set your receiver to decode as Dolby Pro logic II to output a version of 5.1 sound. (Something some audio receivers won't decode unless it is getting 2 channel sound. I've seen the same thing happen with certain games on the ps4.)
I know that FFXII is great at doing a good pcm 5.1 output when the switch is set for surround sound.
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