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User Info: DorkSoul

4 weeks ago#1
The devs didn't care it runs at 30fps even when it's docked. Also peeps who got it early say it lags even on PS4.

User Info: Trumpanzee

4 weeks ago#2
I have it preloaded and can't wait to play it.
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User Info: Lamesy

4 weeks ago#3
Good thing I've never set up my dock

User Info: TheNeoVoid

4 weeks ago#4
Got some proof on the latter claim?
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User Info: TripMachina

4 weeks ago#5
I'm 100% buying it for Switch. I have faith that 505 Games will continue to update the game with improvements over time despite their rushed development for this version of the game. It's all about hitting deadlines, and it's a fact that the Switch version suffered, but considering how much was put into realizing such an ambitious game, I believe that they won't just leave it in its "launch" condition without any updates/improvements forever.

Devs probably already have their hands full and are likely still learning the Switch's architecture, so don't put all the blame on the devs when the workload + manpower aren't equal.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
4 weeks ago#6
Trumpanzee posted...
I have it preloaded and can't wait to play it.
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User Info: SepulturaGamer

4 weeks ago#7
t. Konami
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User Info: QueenTakhisis

4 weeks ago#8
TheNeoVoid posted...
Got some proof on the latter claim?
No need. It's a brand new account, posting something on gamefaqs with no source to back it up. It doesn't get more legit than that. Lol.
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User Info: BenjaMan64

4 weeks ago#9
I'll buy it, although not probably on Day 1, finances may be tight later this month.

Looks awesome.
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User Info: regdod

4 weeks ago#10
If you say so, provisional account.
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