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User Info: ElenaFisher

1 month ago#1
How do you primarily play your Switch? - Results (221 votes)
40.27% (89 votes)
43.44% (96 votes)
3.17% (7 votes)
Even split (50% between 2, 33% between 3)
13.12% (29 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Welcome to the Switch owner survey!

Each day I will ask a poll question related to Switch ownership to try and get a view of Switch owners.

The first day is related to how you play your Switch.

I primarily play Switch in docked mode since I like playing games on the big screen although I'll occasionally play in handheld if I am watching sports or something.

User Info: ObsceneAnarchy

1 month ago#2
Bought games I already own for portability? No.

Bought games I previously owned because of portability? Yes. Even then, I waited for sales.

Disgaea 5 and Hyrule Warriors which involves a lot of content and grinding.
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User Info: ikki5

1 month ago#3
Docked 95% of the time
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User Info: lvalice

1 month ago#4
Handheld 95% of the time, usually in bed...
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User Info: cheap_already

1 month ago#5
I voted even split, although it's 50% docked and 50% handheld

User Info: himuradrew

1 month ago#6
Handheld most of the time. Docked on the occasions when I get the TV to myself and won't disturb anyone.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

1 month ago#7
I like to play docked whenever possible, but I will occasionally play handheld or tabletop with my pro controller. Joycons only get used in games that force joycon, or in handheld mode. I have always disliked the clicky buttons, ever since the GBA SP, but Nintendo keeps using them over membrane buttons.
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User Info: BenjaMan64

1 month ago#8
Split. Sometimes handheld, sometimes docked.
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User Info: doutforharambe

1 month ago#9
Mostly handheld honestly

User Info: Manic_Prime

1 month ago#10
I like playing on a nice, large TV so I play docked.
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