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User Info: Nikita_Dragun

1 month ago#1
Feels good being a Switch owner πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ’―

User Info: Apalachicola

1 month ago#2
....and you are basing this opinion on what?
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User Info: RanaldoRoges

1 month ago#3
Karma for all those who said β€œLOL, MUA3 looks like trash” or β€œlooks like a PS2 game.” At least it’s not riddled with awful character designs. 🀒

User Info: SwordsmanOrion

1 month ago#4
I mean, we know so little about the Avengers game, but I agree that it looks really meh at this point. I'm not that interested in it. And I already know the X-men Legends games were awesome.
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1 month ago#5
Can't say for sure.

Marvel ultimate Alliance 3 is established gameplay and should be at WORST ... a decent game to good game.

Marvel's Avengers is an unknown. It could be terrible ... it could be average ... it could be great.
I can say however that the reveal was disappointing. Why go for the MCU look and sound if you are not gonna get the faces? Just go with the more comic book look and design if you are not going to get the rights to the faces of the heroes. Also gameplay wise they didn't show enough.
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User Info: Brownstone

1 month ago#6
MUA 3 looks amazing
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User Info: jfitz1982

1 month ago#7
Yeah I'm definitely more interested in MUA then another games as a service marvel game.
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User Info: VanguardFate

1 month ago#8
I do like the look of the characters in Alliance 3 better than the Avengers game.

User Info: MirageMew2

1 month ago#9
I’ve been saying MUA3 looks amazing, Switch GOTY all year and it takes wanting to s*** on the other Avengers game for others to realize it :/
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User Info: radiobutton

1 month ago#10
I thought MUA3 looked like a cheap mobile game. But damn, that amount and variety in the roster is something. It’s like they were trying to one up Sakurai or something. Looks like a fun time waster too.
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