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User Info: OmegaN719

1 month ago#1
There has been no physical proof the Switch Mini is REAL. Nintendo continues to deny it even exist. All these so called Leaks & supposed Pic of this so called Switch Mini likely was spread by boards such as these the pic is also likely photo shopped & a digital fake. More evidence it does not exist is it was not at E3. These reports by Forbes & Wall Street saying it is real could also be more BS. I am not being negative, just pointing out the facts the Switch Mini is a made up rumor. But if this was indeed a real deal, & indeed coming out this holiday season & would sell for 199.99. Then I would buy this on Day 1 on release day. If the Switch Mini is real. Then it will likely take away key features likely Rumble Function, the Joy Cons would also not detach. It would be a 3DS Clone.

User Info: EverLastingFate

1 month ago#2
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

User Info: OmegaN719

4 weeks ago#3
But will instead, I will just get me a 279 Refurb Switch this holiday Season @ Gamestop. Because right now I have several PS4 games to preorder & pay off.

Nintendo Won E3. The MS E3 Press was underwhelming. Only excitment was Halo Infinite, Gears 5, & Cyber which I knew all along was going to be revealed at the MS Press.

When I get my Switch I plan on getting several games for it, Luigi's Mansion 3, Panzer Dragoon cause I had the original back on Sega Saturn. The Witcher 3 even though I have the PS4 version. Will be cool to play it on the road or waiting in doctor's appointments.

Sucks we did not get a Metroid Teaser Cinematic saying Coming Soon. Overall I was most pleased with Nintendo. Especially the new Breath of the Wild 2 announcement. Likely will be late 2020 or early 21.

Nintendo has won me over. I will be getting my Switch either this year or sometime next year.

User Info: lvalice

4 weeks ago#4
Proof never mattered...

Can't tell you how many fan speculation "called it" posts I've either witnessed myself over the years or typed myself...

Maybe there's no proof of a Switch mini... But I seem to recall anytime Nintendo releases a haldheld since the 90s, within 2-2.5 years after its hardware release there has been a slimmer, better, more streamlined model/design to pop out... With fans speculating and calling out details of the new model months before an announcement with no proof before...

So I guess say it isn't real if you want, that's not my place to say, I don't know... But History isn't on your side on that one

Switch released 2 years ago... And 2.5 years after that release date... It'll be conveniently on time for the holiday quarter of the year...
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User Info: OmegaN719

4 weeks ago#5
Only time will tell if this is BS, or Nintendo Misleading US.

User Info: aux

4 weeks ago#6
No, Switch mini has to be real!

I heard it on GameFAQs!
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User Info: stop3

4 weeks ago#7
Nintendo knows that a lot of people will wait for the first revision. If they never do a revision they’ll never sell to those people who wait. So, they know they have to make a revision.

That’s how we know a revision is coming. It’s just a matter of when and what form it takes.

User Info: solosnake

4 weeks ago#8
I would be shocked if there isnt a new model of SWITCH coming sometime. Probably not right now, but in the next year or two
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User Info: OmegaN719

4 weeks ago#9
Why not just drop the price of current Switch to 199

User Info: BlueDsc

4 weeks ago#10
OmegaN719 posted...
Why not just drop the price of current Switch to 199

Probably cause it's still selling very well and doing a price drop would just be tossing away money.
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