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User Info: Dandelionel

4 weeks ago#1
I don't get it, I think the console is pretty good as it is. THE CONSOLE. Not the joycons, those are terrible and they need to make a 20 dollar version of them without all the hd rumble and s*** that no one cares about and are useless 99% of the time. At least with that the drifting would be bearable, since for most people they don't usually come in until a few months after playing (still inexcusable, but I doubt that they are gonna fix the problem)

But like I said...what does the Switch itself need... a price drop? a bigger size...? more battery...? (if you put it in airplane mode it lasts a lot longer, and even then, 4 hours is really good)...

I think a better processor or whatever to make games that barely work handheld work better like XC2 and that's it. They won't release a New Nintendo 3ds (Switch version) tho. That was a flop and it got like 2 exclusives. And the biggest game sellers (Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Pokémon, Animal Crossing) already work/are confirmed to work with the basic Switch so i dont think it would be a success.

So why are a lot of people excited for a new version...? The Wii didn't get one (well it did but they were mostly jokes) so maybe it will be the case here.

And to all of you who say that they will make a Switch handheld only, I think that's a terrible idea and it kills a lot of the apppeal of the console itself, but maybe ignorant kids will fall for it. Idk
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User Info: jsb0714

4 weeks ago#2
No, it doesn't.

User Info: Punkachu98

4 weeks ago#3
More battery, more power, and no overheating. That's what I'd want.

But yeah, I'd MUCH prefer a new joycon design, and I dont think I'm alone on that.
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User Info: JESSIE_Yagami

4 weeks ago#4
The console itself is expertly designed. It handles Nintendo games very well and has the power to play console games in an acceptable performance as a portable system. It is the perfect balance between the portable component and the console component.

User Info: ibrokethedam

4 weeks ago#5
Dandelionel posted...
New Nintendo 3ds...was a flop

Haha what?
I don't know.

User Info: stop3

4 weeks ago#6
The console doesn't need an upgrade, but the joycons need a better analog stick and the Pro controller needs a better dpad and better HD rumble.

User Info: Dandelionel

4 weeks ago#7
ibrokethedam posted...
Dandelionel posted...
New Nintendo 3ds...was a flop

Haha what?

it actually wasn't? I thought most people that alraedy had a 3ds didn't bother with it for obvious reasons but hey i could be wrong (barring people whose 3ds went kaput)
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

4 weeks ago#8
Was this topic meant to be amusing?
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User Info: Manic_Prime

4 weeks ago#9
The only thing about the console which could really use an update would be the internal storage. With how many people prefer the digital route, 32 GB (minus the space necessary for the system stuff) is woefully insufficient and laughably tiny in comparison to the minimum of 500 GB on any PS4 model.
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User Info: kumorixLoveless

4 weeks ago#10
More battery, memory and none s*** joycons would be nice
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