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User Info: Atarigamer

1 month ago#31
Smash, Pokemon and Fire Emblem games.
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User Info: radiobutton

1 month ago#32
Rhythm games.

User Info: RollerBob

1 month ago#33
1 2 Switch

No seriously... what's the point -_-; ?
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User Info: ai123

1 month ago#34
There are a lot of games that aren't really my thing (Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Battle Royales), but I can see why they appeal to people.
'The sprites is ridiculous polygons'

User Info: Usabell

1 month ago#35
jeffyg3 posted...
Dark Souls...I like difficulty, but the overall gameplay mechanics I found more annoying than difficult.
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User Info: astutecollie

1 month ago#36
Smash. Its not really that fun compared to real fighting games. The whole knock players off the stage thing was never a good idea.

User Info: StephenYap3

1 month ago#37
Fire Emblem Warriors
I loved Hyrule Warriors and I expected the same fun factor here. What I got instead was a run-of-the-mill Warriors game with a command system and Weapon Triangle that threw all of the Warriors series' tension and challenge out the window (at least, if the command system worked for you. Other times, it worked against me in that I constantly commanded my army to "Defend" a base to keep them away from the tough spots, only to find them at those spots I wanted them to avoid a minute later and sometimes, get themselves killed).

It's not a bad game at the end of the day, see, but compared to many other Warriors games I played, this one made me lament on why I even bought into the hype in the first place. I even enjoyed other "Warriors-like" games like Fate/Extella and Warriors All Stars much more than Fire Emblem Warriors.
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User Info: Mohan101

1 month ago#38
Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
I dislike how they diverged from the previous games so much in terms of its style, story, and characters.

It seems like a bad anime with overdramatic characters and plot that tries to interest the player but fails to do so.

User Info: Manic_Prime

1 month ago#39
Any game involving the Rabbids. I find the Rabbids incredibly annoying and just the sight of them puts me off, so a game like Mario+Rabbids is completely unappealing to me and even what little I saw of the game play didn't interest me.
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User Info: Krambo42

1 month ago#40
Bayonetta. Too chaotic, extremely unlikeable characters, garbage story...it’d help if I liked combo-based action games, but even if I did, man...I just hate it.
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