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User Info: Terotrous

1 month ago#61
I probably would, but it's very dated now. I think most people would find it difficult to play by today's standards, especially if you've ever played Phantasy Star Portable / 2 / Infinity.

Here's a few refreshers about the original game, for those who haven't played it in a long time.

- There's no block or dodge roll. The only way to mitigate damage is to walk out of the way, or make the enemy flinch and interrupt their attack animation. Staggering your attacks to flinchlock enemies is one of the main skills you'll be using throughout the game if you're playing Melee. Rangers are super overpowered since they can hit and run easily with their guns.

- To run during combat, you have to open the menu to break your lock on. Expect to do this constantly during boss battles and when fighting harder enemies.

- Spells are limited by TP, which can only be recovered using limited healing items. This means mages will have to teleport back to town constantly for more monofluids.

- The items that your character can get from drops are limited by an extremely stupid system whereby your character's name determines your drop table. The "Redria" table is vastly better than most other tables, so choosing a Redria name is almost essential for soloing.

- Dungeons are extremely long, generally lasting 60-90 minutes to get to the boss once. Levelling is also very slow. The grind is real if you want boss drops.

- Raising Mags is a slow and tedious process and using a guide is nearly essential.

There's a lot of other issues but those are some of the basic ones. In general, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is a vastly better game in every possible way, and there's a fan translation underway for it, so you might as well just wait for that to come out instead. I do like the atmosphere and general feeling of isolation in the original game but after playing the newer ones it's very tough to go back.
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Questionmarktarius 1 month ago#62
Terotrous posted...
The only way to mitigate damage is to walk out of the way

the best "dodge".

User Info: Mulen

1 month ago#63
i wish theyd hurry up with PSP-2 infinitys translation
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