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  3. What was the game or games that made you get a Switch?

User Info: spacecowboymike

4 weeks ago#1
I don't have one yet but after watching the Mario Maker 2 direct I'm sold. I'll be getting mine early next month.

User Info: riboflav

4 weeks ago#2
Zelda BOTW
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User Info: highpost1388

4 weeks ago#3
Well my brothers bought it for me as a bday gift last November.

They got me Octopath and I bought myself XC2, but I think if I didn't own it yet, Pokemon may have been the system seller for me.
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User Info: chivien999

4 weeks ago#4

User Info: ai123

4 weeks ago#5
Mine was a gift, but I would have bought one myself for Pokemon.
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User Info: MultiShadow101

4 weeks ago#6
I was always going to get a Switch, but I waited until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe released.
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User Info: fratalien

4 weeks ago#7
When SMTV was announced.
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User Info: BaschLives

4 weeks ago#8
When Nomura teased a KH game for switch

User Info: HValle

4 weeks ago#9
Disgaea 5 and Fire Emblem Warriors, with a promise of Xenoblade, Smash, main FE and SMT later on
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User Info: angelusalvus

4 weeks ago#10
It was disgaea 5 +portability that made my initial purchase.
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  3. What was the game or games that made you get a Switch?
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