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  3. What RPG coming to switch are you most excited for?

User Info: ckross144

3 weeks ago#41
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User Info: Lemonspice

3 weeks ago#42
Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment and Pathfinder.

User Info: Kovatch

3 weeks ago#43
freedumbdclxvi posted...
Questionmarktarius posted...
Brave Dungeon 2.


The first is on sale currently, and you’ll be happy to know I went ahead and got it.

Nicely done.)
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User Info: BahamutBBob

3 weeks ago#44
I'm gonna try DQ11. It's been a while since I failed to get into a DQ game, so I'll give it another shot.
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User Info: HValle

3 weeks ago#45

StephenYap3 posted...
SquiddyInk1 posted...
No one with Town?

We need to hear more info about it...

Do we even know If It is an RPG?
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User Info: PaulFoster

3 weeks ago#46

in my dreams :'(
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3 weeks ago#47
FF12, fire emblem (most wanted), and dragon quest
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User Info: Seb108

3 weeks ago#48
Right now, FF12 and Shadows of Adam.

User Info: Sasquatch8080

3 weeks ago#49
Thrasher7170 posted...
supertecmobowl posted...
Everybody's most anticipated rpg game on switch is a year old ps4 game? Wow.

Considering it’s the definitive edition and will have content the PS4 version will never have, yes.

Considering a good chunk of games that come to Switch are 5+ year old ports, I would say this is game is one of the exceptions. Plus, now people who bought it on PS4 can double-dip.
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User Info: Teremei

3 weeks ago#50
Pretty much most of the big ones.

Fire Emblem
Pokémon Shield
Astral Chain (hopefully it has RPG elements)
and whatever other RPGs make it this year.
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