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User Info: Lygo

4 weeks ago#11
As long as it's not a weapon/item racing game, I would buy it. They don't determine the skillful race player.

User Info: Jamie64326

4 weeks ago#12
Devilman_Amon posted...
Jamie64326 posted...
rswsc0407 posted...
It's called licensing issues.

Most of those games use the actual name brands for the various vehicles.

I just remembered, yeah. They needed the license for Daytona USA. There was that version without the license, but it just wasn't right. I don't now what licenses SEGA Rally, Scud Race and Waverunner has.

Its not as big a deal as you think though because there's new Daytona game for arcades actually so meh

and Scud Race had no licensed cars. Waverunners no licensed jet skis...

also we need a port of Spikeout Final Edition, Project Harriers, Slashout, Spiker's Battle since none of those left the arcades and Virtua Fighter 3 (since that only came on the DC)

Well licensing just doesn't just fall down to vehicles in games. It could be in-game ads also such as signs. Also with new releases means they'll need to pay for said license again. This is probably why one of the Daytona USA games wasn't called Daytona USA.

Devilman_Amon posted...
Jamie64326 posted...
And why are you blaming me?

because I'm upset and I need to focus my anger to someone and since Sega isn't here the next person is you

Well don't please as I haven't done anything to you.

User Info: Todd134

4 weeks ago#13
Personally, I hope we one day see the Ages version of Virtual on 1 that included the enhancements from Oratorio Tangram.
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User Info: ZenithianHero

4 weeks ago#14
Virtua Racing is a classic, show some respect.
They are working on later arcade boards and Saturn/Dreamcast stuff next wave so you may still get some titles you want.
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