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User Info: ncb1397

3 months ago#11
On a monitor, the in game cutscenes look pretty rough. Looks fine except for a few spots watching from my couch on my TV when I throw the video on that. Outside of cutscenes looks quite a bit better though which is odd given that the cutscenes are 30 and outside of that is 60 - the cutscenes should look better. It definitely has potential if they can fix the spots where the resolution seems to take a big hit. And hopefully the extra data that isn't on the cartridge that this video might not be using can improve some of the textures on the closeups.

User Info: blueninja4444

3 months ago#12
So glad I preordered! Looks sick!
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User Info: Otimus

3 months ago#13
Looks like a PS3/360 game, which is fine, and about what I expected.

Glad for the people who wanted this handheld. Not my cup of tea. Looking forward to tech analyses though, as I dig those.

The fact that they made it 60 FPS shows that the devs know what they're doing when it comes to fighting games, at least, and knew that they shouldn't compromise on that. That gets an AAA++ in my book.

User Info: Ultimateroster

3 months ago#14
People have been used to seeing Pro and Xbox one X footage and the likes through all the marketing.

Of course there will be downgrades, but it looks incredible for a handheld.
Puts shame to other developers who cry about not being able to run Switch versions (looking at you Overwatch)

User Info: MajinSoulx

3 months ago#15
Game looks really good on Switch. The devs did an amazing job on this one
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User Info: TripMachina

3 months ago#16
Damn, it all, two hours too late! Videos got copyright struck...
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User Info: RanaldoRoges

3 months ago#17
TripMachina posted...
Damn, it all, two hours too late! Videos got copyright struck...

I was surprised too. Just woke up and thought, "Wow, WB is pulling videos at 2-4 AM."

User Info: Eagle_hunter

3 months ago#18
Hmm.. Seems they downgraded the blood on characters clothing.

The question is... Will this game sell well. Like about Xbox One level in terms of sale?
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User Info: gr__9011

3 months ago#19
I just checked his channel and he uploaded a new one and I am impressed with the quality of the game...

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