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  3. Really hope they port Tokyo Mirage Sessions or Persona 5

User Info: Kunshi

4 weeks ago#1
I'm starved for a good turnbased RPG.

User Info: Gamer4Nintendo8

4 weeks ago#2
Most likely P5 will see!

User Info: Child_Adrift

4 weeks ago#3
> Tokyo Mirage Sessions

> Good
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 weeks ago#4
I'd like both myself, though if the former isn't happening then I'd like for a spiritual successor of it at least.
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User Info: cr14mson

4 weeks ago#5
Persona 5 next week

User Info: userfrigginame

4 weeks ago#6
Ugh, the dungeons in Tokyo Mirage Sessions were sooo tedious.

User Info: AttackUp

4 weeks ago#7
Persona 5 is the more likely of the two what with being both a more popular series and Joker recently added to Smash Bros
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User Info: FlameAbsol

4 weeks ago#8
Tokyo Mirage would need to be uncensored first...
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User Info: xxdark91xx

4 weeks ago#9
Persona 4 Golden is way better
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User Info: kumorixLoveless

4 weeks ago#10
Ew, why would you want TMS of all things.
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