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  3. Who even wants Netflix on the Switch?

User Info: GymLeaderSparda

1 month ago#21
Good topic.

User Info: The_Cysko_Kid

1 month ago#22
My television has a Netflix client built in. I also have a USB dongle that has it built in. Also Xbox one and Xbox 360 have it. Also I have a roku with it. I just can't see the instance where I'd be hard pressed enough to watch Netflix that my switch is the go to device for it.

User Info: Masamune_6969

1 month ago#23
doutforharambe posted...
I dont even have the internet. I’m posting through smoke signals.

What kind of speed do you get from dem smoke signals?

User Info: HValle

1 month ago#24
I want. At the begining, i wanted just so i can watch Netflix on a handheld device that can stand on its own and uses buttons. Now i also want to see you guys burning in agony when; t launches, because that's what seems would happen.

metaphysician posted...
Netflix on the Switch makes a lot more sense than a browser.

If It has a browser we could watch Netflix and everything else there.
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User Info: EJW

1 month ago#25
Why in the living H would I use a phone for Netflix?

...Or a Switch for Netflix?

...Or Netflix?
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