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  3. What is your favorite Legend of Zelda game?
Personally mine is Majoras Mask followed closely by Oot and Link to the Past (which tie for second best)
3rd best is either Seasons, ages, or Awakening.
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User Info: Atreides27

2 days ago#2

User Info: PS4Warrior

2 days ago#3
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User Info: feraldrgn

2 days ago#4
Oracle of Ages/Seasons pairing.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

2 days ago#5
Link’s Awakening. It should be everyone’s.
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User Info: nobdy1

2 days ago#6
Twilight Princess

User Info: hitens

2 days ago#7
Link to the Past, OoT and AoL are my top 3
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User Info: Sekiro

2 days ago#8
Never thought I'd miss the food on Corneria.
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User Info: AngelosTheHero

2 days ago#9
A lot of Zelda games are really good, but I have to say Wind Waker. It's so beautiful and adventurous and has some mature themes like letting go of the past under the cartoony surface.
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User Info: ikki5

2 days ago#10
Link to the Past
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