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  3. How don't ALL games support cloud saves ?

User Info: IloveElite

1 month ago#11
As much as I'd love to backup saves of games I have a ton of time into (ie: Skyrim, XC2, Stardew etc)
I do not backup my saves as I will not pay for online. yes I know its cheap but that is besides the point.

I do not play online games ever so I think it's despicable to have to pay for NSO to backup 2-3 save games. Both MS and Sony provide a free way to backup saves, not Nintendo, greedy shortsighted Nintendo.
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User Info: Exurna

1 month ago#12
GymLeaderSparda posted...
You can back up your saves with or without the subscription if you look into it.

As for the anti-cheat argument it's a valid one, that many games have used it in the past too, but for legit players that wouldn't abuse the system to begin with it's just a pain in the ass, that hackers/modders can get around regardless as shown by LGPE, thus only hurting the legit players it's meant to protect.

This is inaccurate information. I'm a legit player, and it protects me.

When I get a new Switch, I can easily transfer over all the saves and games to it.

The core argument by the TC is a non-issue. You don't "lose out" on the time you've spent on a game if you lose the save.

I've lost at least 6 100+ Final Fantasy VII and VIII saves on my PS1, and I'm STILL not buying that argument, nor am I running around whining about "Evil Sony" for corrupting my third-party 8 MB memory card.
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User Info: GymLeaderSparda

1 month ago#13
Exurna posted...
The core argument by the TC is a non-issue.

This is also inaccurate information. Something not personally affecting you might affect others in different ways.

I also lost some files due to memory card corruption back in the day, and something similar happened to my Pokemon Red, Yellow, Gold and Crystal cartridges due to the memory dying out. It happened and I moved on, but I was also young and inexperienced. If back then I had the ability to prevent that I would have.

User Info: JBstonecold

1 month ago#14
It's a cop out. All games should support cloud saves.

User Info: kumorixLoveless

1 month ago#15
DeltaBladeX posted...
I don't pay for online and so don't care, I can't back up no matter what.

Bit of this and when the flying f*** are we gonna get a local method to backup our saves?
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