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  3. Any good 2 player games I can play with the wife while on a train?

User Info: Mech_Battalion

4 weeks ago#1
Waifu and I will be on a train for 4 hours, are there any good local MP games we can play together on the trip?

Of course it will be in undocked mode, we each will have a joycon. Is Mario Party playable this way?

We already have Mario Kart and SSB. Any other recommended games?

User Info: Megatonez

4 weeks ago#2
Kirby Star Allies

Those are the only other 2 I can think of.
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User Info: T3H_1337_N1NJ4

4 weeks ago#3
Unravel 2 comes out tomorrow.


Capcom Beat'em Bundle


And that's it from the top of my mind.

And to answer your question. Mario Party is ONLY playable that way. But as it requires various gestures, it's probably not the best thing to play on the train.
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User Info: Switchgamer

4 weeks ago#4
Hide the sausage?
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User Info: piranhapete

4 weeks ago#5
Mario Party can be played that way yes, though as another user mentioned it might be a smidge tricky on a train.
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User Info: MercifulLemon7

4 weeks ago#6
Flat Hereos is a really excellent cooperative experience. There’s is a demo on the Eshop and it’s on sale.

I also heard Death squared is also a fun cooperative experience as well.

User Info: TragicFigure

4 weeks ago#7
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze would be a great choice if you haven't played it at this point yet.
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User Info: Mech_Battalion

4 weeks ago#8
Switchgamer posted...
Hide the sausage?

If we were younger we'd totally play that, we played it in an airplane on a trip to Japan a while ago :p

User Info: AndyMacG09

3 weeks ago#9
Snipper Clips

Will not sap your switch's battery
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User Info: Zanzenburger

3 weeks ago#10
AndyMacG09 posted...
Snipper Clips

Will not sap your switch's battery

I will also suggest Snipperclips.

It's like the perfect couple's game. It was designed with local 2-players in mind and forces you to work together to solve the little puzzles. Also it's pretty cheap.

I had a blast playing it with my wife.
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  3. Any good 2 player games I can play with the wife while on a train?
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