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User Info: doutforharambe

4 weeks ago#31
nebula2 posted...

Seems like a popular topic along with achievements.

User Info: Fire_Emblem_

4 weeks ago#32
PS4Warrior posted...
Greggbird33 posted...
Jack_the_monke7 posted...
It is absolutely unacceptable.

It's perfectly acceptable. Every machine doesn't need to have Netflix. It can just be a games console. It's okay.

How can it even be considered a game console if it doesn't have Netflix? What is it some archaic game console from the 1800s?

They made game consoles in the 1800s!?
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User Info: Thunderbird8

4 weeks ago#33
Questionmarktarius posted...
the scuttlebutt is something about DRM, but I doubt it.

This makes zero sense. Hulu works just fine on the Switch, with their DRM methods. Why would Netflix not? The Switch supports HDCP (which is used by both Hulu and YouTube), so that wouldn't stop Netflix. I suspect the DRM methods of the two are proprietary (but I could be wrong on this), and if true, it wouldn't be a matter of the Switch needing to support said DRM, that support would have to be baked into the app itself.

Someone entertained the thought that Hulu got Nintendo to sign an agreement to make Hulu the exclusive streaming app on the Switch, but I hope that's not true. Especially since, as far as I know, Hulu isn't available in all the regions that the Switch itself is.

Generation_C posted...
chex81 posted...
He's a troll didn't you see the initial statement ...always posting and bumping these topics. We all know this topics are jokes now, don't let it get to you that others enjoy wasting their lives complaining

I am not a troll. All I want is a way to watch stuff when I get bored playing Nintendo game on my Switch, but I can’t do that, instead I’m forced to only play games.

Don't think chex81 was calling you a troll there.

User Info: Iriquois_

4 weeks ago#34
f*** netflix...

go get that s*** on ur pc or something.

User Info: Inglebird

4 weeks ago#35
It pisses me off cause I have no laptop, so Netflix is the ONLY reason I still have my Wii u. Otherwise I could have sold it and made some money/reduced clutter by now.

Move your ass Nintendo!


4 weeks ago#36
Any Netflix, achievement, or Nintendo tax topic is guaranteed to make it to 50 lmao!
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User Info: VanguardFate

4 weeks ago#37
Where is Bluray on Nintendo Switch? I only have 5 other devices I can stream and watch bluray on but it's impossible without the almighty Switch.

User Info: Hokuto

4 weeks ago#38
This is a gaming console, not a multimedia device. Stop begging
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

4 weeks ago#39
Jack_the_monke7 posted...
This is the one point I will not defend the Switch on. It is absolutely unacceptable. We cannot defend this one guys, it’s gotten way out of hand.

There's no defending the lack of Netflix on the Switch.

Having other devices that can access it isn't a valid excuse btw. Just saying.
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User Info: Gatsuka

4 weeks ago#40
zomg. travesty! so many levlz! bah! selling my switch asap!!
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