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  3. "Oh Hollow Knight and Cuphead are Soulslikes like Dark Souls."

User Info: metaphysician

4 weeks ago#11
Brownstone posted...
markd23 posted...
I don't know about Cuphead (haven't played it), but Hollow Knight is compared because of the soul-recovery thing after dying.

Atmosphere, lore, story telling, npc's, bosses, etc. Hollow Knight is very similar to Souls in a lot of ways. Cuphead though, hell no.

Its worth noting that the first Dark Souls game, at least, is very much like a metroidvania in 3D: it takes place in a single interconnected world with a huge emphasis on exploration and navigation. Its not fully a metroidvania, since it lacks the true tools-as-keys and emphasis on platforming that metroidvanias have, but its a recognizable cousin. That, combined with the both the "difficulty" and "atmosphere" components, make the comparison logical.

Cuphead? Is most closely related to Contra. It has no actual similarity to Dark Souls except for "its hard".

User Info: lvalice

4 weeks ago#12
I was under the impression that hollow knight was metroidvania

If it's like dark souls then they lost a future sale.
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User Info: BoundHunters

4 weeks ago#13
Dark Souls Hard
or Battletoads Hard

I choose the latter
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User Info: FinalFantasyer

4 weeks ago#14
Soulsborne are my favourite games of all time yet i couldn't stand HK. Maybe it was because of the setting? The medieval fantasy settings of Bloodborne and Dark Souls are my biggest draw to the games. Same reason why i hated NiOh and have zero interest in Sekiro
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User Info: Great_Khan

4 weeks ago#15
Hollow Knight has a few similarities beyond the difficulty, namely the mood, obtuse story telling, layered and complex level design, boss fights built around telegraphs and punishes in tight windows, slow heals, corpse running etc.

I actually dislike HK because I find the platformer style "damage on contact" thing to be completely at odds with a punish windows design since you can nail a dodge, make the right attack choice, then eat s*** from your attacks because your bodies touched. I don't like the binary nature of platformers at the best of times, precision demands + no grey area between success and failure = bad time.

Cuphead is a stupid comparison for stupid people.

User Info: DrRockso87

4 weeks ago#16
‘Cuphead’ is nothing like ‘Souls’ difficulty. If anything, ‘Cuphead’ is more like ‘Megaman 2’ difficulty.

Side-scroller, limited amount of health, boss rush mode, etc.

Even though it’s annoying whenever a challenging game comes out and people go, “ZOMG!! IT’S LIKE DARK SOULS!!!” (I guess these people never played any games prior to the N64), I get the comparison. ‘Dark Souls’ is relevant and has a reputation for being hard so it’s the easiest to compare to. Makes sense.

User Info: Rorrrr

4 weeks ago#17
Because people think “souls” mean hard.
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User Info: ai123

4 weeks ago#18
For good or bad Dark Souls has become the common yardstick for measuring difficulty.
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