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User Info: DavCube

1 month ago#61
DarkDemon373 posted...
Why are you trying to negatively spin this poll?

Because he's trying to weed out "Nintendo haters."

DUBTuner posted...
Lacks the option "I'm very upset", most here would pick that one.

[Citation Needed]

Lol, I see my comment upset the usuals.

Well yes, people generally don't like when other people decide what their opinions are before they speak them, because that's actually very rude. Glad you noticed. Maybe stop doing that and people won't call you out for being negative to this board.

User Info: nebula2

1 month ago#62
"Beter than Super Mario Odyssey"

Lol sorry but that game was okish at best I 100% it in a day XD

As for my opinion for cuphead:
It's a great move from both Microsoft and Nintendo and shows opportunities for the future ^^
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

1 month ago#63
0-172 posted...
It’s great for those that want it. Personally I really don’t care.

This sums it up nicely.

User Info: PS4Warrior

1 month ago#64
It's nice. Cuphead is a great game.
PS4 - Because it was the next gen console i was the most interested in.
Warrior - Because i usually pick the Warrior class in MMORPGs when i played them.

User Info: Otterz4Life

1 month ago#65
Cuphead is awesome, but I already beat it on Xbox, so I have no interest in buying it again.
GT: Otterz4LIFE

User Info: Wii_Shaker

1 month ago#66
I'm glad Nintendo is actually getting good games even if they are later than other consoles and much later than PC.

User Info: uthoria205

1 month ago#67
Expa0 posted...
It's fine, not really interested, the artstyle is kind of a turn of for me tbqh, never was a big fan of the handrawn esque style some platformers go for.
Acta Non Verba

User Info: Zero280

1 month ago#68
Better than Odyssey that's damn near delusional.

User Info: RasterGraphic

1 month ago#69
Pleasantly surprised. It always seemed like a game that was up my alley, but I didn't want an Xbone nor am I a big PC gamer.
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