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  3. Did you know you can rent Nintendo Switch games from Redbox?

User Info: Iscratchmyballs

4 weeks ago#1
Did you know you can rent Nintendo Switch games from Redbox? I just found out today.

User Info: megamanshawn

4 weeks ago#2
Only in certain cities
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User Info: ZenithianHero

4 weeks ago#3
Saw the redboxes in town and just have the AAA mainstream normie games. I doubt you'll get anything you don't already own with It although could be easier to rent a Switch game over installing a PS4 or XBOX title.
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User Info: 0ofreako0

4 weeks ago#4
did you know you could rent games from this thing that has been renting games for years?
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User Info: PoisonShroomz

4 weeks ago#5
I am happy that there is still somewhere out there that let’s people rent games. Besides GameFly of course.

The good ol’ days of renting movies and games used to be so fun. I continued to support all the rental stores that were local to my town up until they each slowly went out of business.

Streaming movies and all that jazz is cool, but so is actually going to a place and looking around at the new and old releases.
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User Info: DarkDemon373

4 weeks ago#6
Yup! I actually recently found out you could rent games at all from Red box.

Unfortunately, their selection kinda sucks where I'm located.
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User Info: dextorboot

4 weeks ago#8
Yes. My city was one of the test cities for this. Also tested 3DS games. They only have a handful of games though and I'm never interested in them.

User Info: doutforharambe

4 weeks ago#9
Nope didnt know. I thought it was only xbone and ps4 games since they use the same disc sleeves as movies. Wonder what kind of sleeve do they use for carts?

User Info: NoNeedF0RaName

4 weeks ago#10
Man, I miss the days of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. There was an excitement to going to those places, seeing the rows of games on the shelf and trying to choose what you would rent that weekend. Same went for movies too. I also miss the Mom and pop video rental place we had as well.
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