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  3. Will you be getting Cuphead on Switch? Do you already own it on Xbox One or PC?

User Info: briguy

3 weeks ago#91
Never owned it or played it before. Will get on Switch.
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User Info: G_U_G

3 weeks ago#92
Finished on Xbox. Played a lot on PC though. Definitely picking it up for on the go.

User Info: DTY3

3 weeks ago#93
Beat it on PC but I'm dying to play it again on Switch.

User Info: DrRockso87

3 weeks ago#94
Already own it on Xbox One and very excited for the Switch version but I’ll wait on it. I’m in no hurry.

Everyone that hasn’t played it yet is in for a treat. Seriously, one of my favorite games this gen.

User Info: Pishkaposh

3 weeks ago#95
Already played it on PC so I'm not buying it. BUT I am glad it's coming to the Switch so more people can enjoy it and play it portably!
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User Info: Superlinkbro

3 weeks ago#96
Always could have played it on PC, however I never did, but I'm getting it on Switch.
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User Info: HyperonicX

3 weeks ago#97
No to both. I don't like hard games, especially those that are hard for the sake of being hard.

Game looks beautiful, though.
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User Info: cloud_8f8f

3 weeks ago#98
NintendoLover25 posted...
Yes to buying on Switch, no to other systems, I only buy Nintendo.

Shame you miss out on so many excellent games.
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User Info: Need2KnowLion

2 weeks ago#99

User Info: kumorixLoveless

2 weeks ago#100
ikki5 posted...
No and no.
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  3. Will you be getting Cuphead on Switch? Do you already own it on Xbox One or PC?
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