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  3. Stadia might destroy other home consoles, but cant compete with Switch.

User Info: WonkyKong

4 weeks ago#1
The Switch is a pure portable console, that can be played anywhere, no restrictions.
Combining that with the best exclusives ever, and you have a system that is unrivaled.

However, Stadia was over twice the power of PS4, which just sits under a TV by an internet connection anyway, so its safe to say Sony is in panic right now.

Switch and Stadia combo looking quite clean.

User Info: PS4Warrior

4 weeks ago#2
PS4 - Because it was the next gen console i was the most interested in.
Warrior - Because i usually pick the Warrior class in MMORPGs when i played them.

User Info: Alfieri_x

4 weeks ago#3
That Candy Crush is going to be ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!
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User Info: ZenithianHero

4 weeks ago#4
You don't own Stadia's games. I would rather buy a digital only Playstation 5. It'll take a lot for me to be on board with Stadia.
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User Info: DUBTuner

4 weeks ago#5
Streaming-only = flop by default.
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User Info: Sony4theWin

4 weeks ago#6
Indeed. In fact Switch is a potential candidate to receive the services of Stadia in addition to Microsoft’s streaming services. With how increasingly relevant the Switch is becoming it will may be a battleground between streaming services and the Switch will benefit from a massive library of games to stream. When the Switch gets a price drop then sales will explode
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User Info: Master_Materia

4 weeks ago#7
My issues with this are two.
1. Streaming in general is fine and I love it for movies but what about license b.s. and other regions? When we buy a game from another region we can play it anywhere with a region free console but what about streaming games? You can already see with things like Netflix or Amazon Video region locks due to licensing b.s. So with streaming games imagine certain games only being available to stream in certain regions. So if you live in the US but want a Japan only game importing may no longer be an option and streaming may not be allowed due to licensing. That gets worse if you live in a small market that may not even have access to the service at all.

All digital still allows the purchase from other markets and playabilitt in your market.

This would be my chief concern.

2. I dont trust the infeststion Google. Its bad enough to rule the phone market with Android/Play Store, Youtube, search engine, etc. I dont want them expanding and ruling over yet another market. They are far worse than MS ever was.

User Info: Hop103

4 weeks ago#8
That thing can't crush anything with a 150 mbps internet requirement, that's only 10% of the US.
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User Info: BinBinricecake

4 weeks ago#9
Ah, so your true nature of this account is just self ego dick rubbing on the next big thing you THINK can s*** on people for not liking. No wonder very little respond to you.
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User Info: Yomigaeru

4 weeks ago#10
That 10.7 teraflops doesn't mean much when there will be a significantly smaller install base.

4K/60fps streaming? How many people does Google think has the kind of internet package to support that? Certainly not the majority of the US. Asia might be able to swing it, but they're going to fall well short of their "everyone" ambition when you're going to need expensive (and possible inaccessible) bandwidth just to play games. The Project Stream thing they ran last year (with AC Odyssey) apparently required 6-8 Mbps/down to get good results. What's the requirement going to be for 4K (and the 8K they're targeting for the future)?

Even this "games as a service" era we live in, there are still only a relatively small number of games that absolutely require an internet connection to function. Requiring a "robust" internet connection for all of your games isn't going to make games more accessible, in my opinion.
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