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  3. It's seriously sad how many people were asking for a Mario Maker port

User Info: kranix1

1 month ago#21
It's even sadder that people buy something that's been free for 20 years.
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User Info: epik_fail1

1 month ago#22
This game is kinda an enhanced port which is perfectly fine to me.
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User Info: Hop103

1 month ago#23
I don't blame them, the WiiU was trash and that game is one of the few good WiiU games that needed to be on Switch.
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User Info: GrooseKirby

1 month ago#24
ecylis posted...
Similarly, I'm baffled by how many people want Mario Odyssey to get a couple kingdoms as DLC when they could just make a full blown sequel

People are impatient and would rather pay $20 (that's probably underestimating Nintendo's greed honestly) for 2 kingdoms instead of $60 for 10-15. It's the exact same crowd that defends Nintendo's s***ty online. Neither of them have patience and would rather pay an unfair price just to get immediate satisfaction.
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User Info: AndyMacG09

1 month ago#25
I was always confident in a straight port and I'm glad my confidence did not go to waste
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User Info: MotaroRIP619

1 month ago#26
Probably because they could quickly make a port of it instead of a whole new game. A lot of people did not get a chance to play the first one. My wife and I put probably hundreds of hours into it LOL

User Info: Chocoburger

1 month ago#27
T_Info posted...
I think it's more accurate to look at the Wii U ports/sequels on a spectrum, rather than "port or sequel." For example:

Tropical Freeze was very close to the "full port" side of the spectrum.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was closer to the middle of the spectrum, especially with a brand new battle mode, but still leaning on the port side.

Splatoon 2 was a definitely a new game, but for Splatoon diehards (like me), it was actually closer to the middle of the spectrum (aka half port, half sequel) than you might think. (Ex: A lot of reviewers thought Splatoon 2 added way more weapons, but at launch, it was actually pretty similar to what Splatoon 1 had 6 months after launch.)

Smash Ultimate kinda seemed port-ish at first, but the more we learned about it, the more clear it became that it was pretty close to the "full sequel" side.

I mention all this because Nintendo must do a calculation with every game they release. Have they added enough to be able to call the game a full sequel? With Mario Maker 2, they calculated the answer is yes.

But would we have been upset if Mario Maker 2 had been closer to Mario Maker Deluxe, just a little bit more to the left on the spectrum? No, no we wouldn't have been. For this game, it was always going to be enough just to get more themes, more tools.

Wow, a very thoughtful and intelligent post on GameFAQs, this is rare, good job. And yeah, I completely agree.

I mean sure, people would have been happy with a port, but of course people would have been even happier with an improved sequel, and that's what we're getting, so let's just enjoy SMM2 when it comes out instead of putting other people down.
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  3. It's seriously sad how many people were asking for a Mario Maker port
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