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User Info: BatClownDiggler

1 month ago#1
Which one? - Results (84 votes)
34.52% (29 votes)
2.38% (2 votes)
8.33% (7 votes)
Killer Instinct
8.33% (7 votes)
Gears of War
4.76% (4 votes)
Perfect Dark
13.1% (11 votes)
Other (explain)
28.57% (24 votes)
This poll is now closed.
King Zell has bestowed information upon us. There will be a big announcement soon, something that wasn’t thought possible. There are sure to be jeers and tears, but in the end, a game will be announced. Joycons around the world will have the sweet, sweet pleasure of taking control of someone new.

My money is on Killer Instinct. Smash Bros is tearing up the charts, Microsoft would be foolish to miss this opportunity to capitalize on Smash Bros success.

Perfect Dark would be ironic, but I’m not sure a port of the 360 game would be something they are interested in.

Of course, honestly, any of these games would probably be a really great fit for Switch actually. Switch has gaps that Microsoft can fill.

Sony hath not any interest in Switch, therefore, a new game mustn’t be intended by them.

Come on guys, what do you think!?! *Runs around excitedly*
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User Info: Goomba_Owns_All

1 month ago#3
I think that king zell is rubbish, hense why its so vague without saying what it so he just day hahahaha it was that one whenever he feels like it
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User Info: Usabell

1 month ago#4
Consoles shouldn't be about 480p, 720p, 1080p or the prettiest slideshow.
They're about a magical box that outputs wonderful streams of 60 images per second.

User Info: kungpowchicken

1 month ago#5
Can't it be a sequel to Banjo? Seems possible that it comes back to a Nintendo platform.
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User Info: v0idStrike

1 month ago#6
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User Info: PS4Warrior

1 month ago#7
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

1 month ago#8
Other: none

Edit: God of War will come instead
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User Info: Liedzouille

1 month ago#9
Other : maybe all of them ? (optimistic ^^)

It's not like Sony has no interest in Switch. It's more about how they will offer a service you can use on a different platform, might it be on Switch or Android or whatever platform that grabs tons of players.
Plus Google allied with Sega may also benefit from doing the same.

User Info: rancid_pnx

1 month ago#10
Usabell posted...

This seems realistic and I would gladly buy it.
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