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User Info: The_shoemaker

3 weeks ago#21
You'll find the DLC for Nintendo's games to be pretty unobtrusive. Generally just extra content for the games. I haven't seen any first party Nintendo games sell microtransactions on Switch.

We might see it with Smash Bros. Given that the Wii U smash had Mii costumes you could buy for a few dollars each, I would expect to see that again.

In general DLC has been a good thing. Mario Kart 8 is straight up a better game with DLC.


3 weeks ago#22
Yeah, DLC is totally awesome now...
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

3 weeks ago#23
kranix1 posted...
mnkboy907 posted...
Nintendo has a pretty good track record with their DLC practices. There are some misses, like Fire Emblem Echoes' season pass costing more than the game itself, but then other stuff like Xenoblade 2 is just incredible.

Nintendo doesn't have anything to do with Monolith Soft's DLC, but ok...

And BotW's DLC destroys your argument completely. It's probably the worst DLC I've ever bought for a game. Being forced to buy BOTH packs just to revisit places I've already been, literally jumping through hoops to access "new" content... yeah, real great track record there.

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User Info: Layton_Kyouju

3 weeks ago#24
BotW’s season pass is a ripoff though

That aside their dlc is usually worth it
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