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  3. Name a Switch game you own that's (almost) never been mentioned here

User Info: riboflav

4 weeks ago#111
doutforharambe posted...
Golf Story. Got it at best buy and its awesome.

You're damn right it's awesome. Love that game.
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User Info: xbs2034

4 weeks ago#112
I don’t have anything crazy obscure, but probably the most is The Longest Five Minutes which I rarely hear any mention of. It certainly not the most complex or well crafted game, but it is a fun little title.

It’s funny, cause while the concept and design of the game did sound appealing to me, one big reason for picking it up was I had no RPGs on the Switch and wanted one for the system. And a year later, between everything (physical, digital, and compilations counting all the RPGs in the Genesis collection) I have two dozen RPGs for the Switch as by far the most represented genre.

User Info: Transliteration

4 weeks ago#113
Did anyone mention Azure Striker Gunvolt yet? Shouldn’t be obscure but I never see it mentioned. Solid titles.
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User Info: Ganiam

4 weeks ago#114
Has Been Heroes.

I felt they were pushing this game so hard during the first Switch's E3, and I hated every second of it.

But then about a year later they put a 50% discount on it and I ended up buying it out of sheer curiosity and it quickly became one of my most-played games on the system.

The game's ridiculously hard at first, mainly because you start with some of the worst characters in the game. But once the game clicks it becomes a lot of fun.

Another one I just got is Baba is You, which I believe just came out. It's one of those games that completely breaks my brain and I love it.
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User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 weeks ago#115
Telltale Batman

Really enjoyed it
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  3. Name a Switch game you own that's (almost) never been mentioned here
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