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User Info: ChickenSpice

4 weeks ago#11
So was this topic fake or the person who took the code never bothered posting? I tried using the code two minutes after the topic was created and the first poster said he didn't need it.

User Info: Sethman409

4 weeks ago#12
I'm not saying I doubt it, but PMing the code to the first person who posts is usually the generally accepted form of doing this.
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User Info: chief606

4 weeks ago#13
How much was it if you used points? I might bite on it.
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User Info: RoboXgp89

4 weeks ago#14
480 gold coins

someone probably that isn't on gamefaq's used it or maybe it's just tied to my account?
that would be pretty stupid if that was true considering it's a one time use code
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