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  3. What Are The Consequences For Not Tipping At Restaurants?

User Info: Pointless_Topic

4 weeks ago#1
Lets say, I decide to not tip at restaurants, or taxi's/ubers or any place that provides a service

What are the short term and long term consequences for not doing this?
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User Info: CopyMan1

4 weeks ago#2
if you are a repeat person at a restaurant and you continue to not tip, a waiter or staff may mess with your food. or have you wait for quite a bit

User Info: Fauch

4 weeks ago#3
You might be reborn as a waitress in your next life and receive zero tips.

On a side note, waitresses in most of Europe actually get paid decently and aren't entirely reliant on tips like in the US.

User Info: Exurna

4 weeks ago#4
My friend got ligma from doing that, TC. I would advice against it.
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User Info: PaulFoster

4 weeks ago#5
I don't tip, have never tipped and never will and after eating out hundreds of times over the years, I've never had a problem, even with places I visit many times.

(that said, I don't take tips either, in my work I'm offered a tip on average probably around 6-10 times a week and I politely decline as I don't agree with tipping.)
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User Info: yodalovesu

4 weeks ago#6
Selfishness will slowly pervade every aspect of your life and personality until it begins to define you among your friends and peers.

Just a guess! :D

User Info: 0ofreako0

4 weeks ago#7
tipping shouldn't be an expected thing. waiters should...get paid a living wage already.

waiters get paid s*** because "you'll get tips so it's fine."
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User Info: ROB45

4 weeks ago#8
Likely nothing. Tipping isn't something you have to do.

User Info: Comyx

4 weeks ago#9
If you live in many countries outside the USA, there are no consequences.
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User Info: TsundereAmiChan

4 weeks ago#10
I dont even really understand the mentality behind tipping in the first place.

We dont tip the cashier at gamestop. We dont tip the plumber that fixes your toilet you clogged for the 8th time this week. We dont tip a tow truck driver that tows s***ty drivers off the road when they crash.

So why do we tip a taxi driver or a waiter? What's the logic there?
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