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User Info: yourDaddie

1 month ago#1
Best in your opinion? - Results (264 votes)
2.27% (6 votes)
3.41% (9 votes)
32.2% (85 votes)
1.14% (3 votes)
Land 2
2.27% (6 votes)
49.24% (130 votes)
1.14% (3 votes)
New 2
0% (0 votes)
New Wii
3.03% (8 votes)
New U
5.3% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Best mainline 2D Mario
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User Info: KurzWeber72

1 month ago#2
Super Mario World
Or 2638-3926-9055

User Info: YFJ

1 month ago#3
New Super Mario Bros. U

User Info: spiritomolto

1 month ago#4
YFJ posted...
New Super Mario Bros. U

This, from what I've played.
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User Info: riboflav

1 month ago#5
Super Mario World
(sorting the rest hurt my brain so I gave up)
Dragonwarriordude 1 month ago#6

User Info: BabyLuigiOnFire

1 month ago#7
New Super Mario Bros. Wii, mostly for introducing simultaneous multiplayer, ability to play as Toad, and just a very fun game in general.

I would have enjoyed U more if not for the burn-out in general for the cookie-cutter NSMB games. I liked Wii because it was only the second entry of the series. After Kirby and Rayman, I was hoping NSMBU took more risks but it unfortunately didn't and thus didn't held my attention for very long. I have yet to beat it to this day.
I'm Baby Luigi's biggest fan, a rather cantankerous female.
Left 4 Dead 2 is the best Mario-based shooter.

User Info: universaltofu

1 month ago#8
Gimme gimme gimme JIMMY WOODS!!!

Though yeah, 3 I love, the neat assortment of powerups (hammer bros suit, frog suit, p wing), the easily digestible levels, fun secrets, and on and on and so forth and such.

World is right up there, secret exits, Yoshi, spin move, star road, scaling fences and bopping turtles, all so good.

Respect to the first, some good memories of the second and love for the things it introduced to the series, gb games are cool, New was solid though didn't leave a lasting impression, New Wii I liked a good deal better than the ds one though it too isn't one I've revisited often or held in high esteem. New 2 came off as dull to me, I blazed through it without connecting with much of anything that was happening, I was auto-pilot. New U I'm partway through now with the deluxe switch version, so far seems fine, I don't care for the ghost house levels, though I like stuff like the glow Yoshi and doing a spin to light him up and doing triple jumps and whatnot, I could see putting U above the Wii one if things pick up a bit. Also for them making such a big deal about it being the first 'HD' Mario game, it isn't really blowing my doors off, though I haven't gotten to the starry night looking stage, though really, that's the sort of thing that should have kicked off the game you know.
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User Info: Zero280

1 month ago#9
SMW is the best by far.

User Info: Jak3_Ry4n

1 month ago#10
Super Mario World.

I haven't played it since the original SNES. Can't wait to go through it again.
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