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  3. Is the switch going to get its own Nintendo games (non wii-u ports)?

User Info: Naruzeldamaster

4 weeks ago#11
we get prime 4 this year so...
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User Info: Comyx

4 weeks ago#12
Naruzeldamaster posted...
we get prime 4 this year so...

Prime 4 has no release date, though.
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User Info: yakarot

4 weeks ago#13
Sammycakes88 posted...
Stupid question deserves stupid answers so no they will not make any switch games.

That’s honestly why I almost picked no lol.

But all jokes aside, the Wii U games were a success on a failure of a console.
So naturally a more successful console would get those games to bring them to a larger audience.
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User Info: GenjiRed

4 weeks ago#14
Isn't Crafted World coming out in two months?
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User Info: ChaseTron2084

4 weeks ago#15
If you haven't played it, it's new to you.

User Info: gmgo

4 weeks ago#16
Zelda: BotW was released at the same time on the Wii U and the Switch, so you can't call it a port.

The following titles have 70 or above in MetaScore:

First-party Switch exclusives:
- Super Mario Odyssey
- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
- Splatoon 2
- Xenoblade Chronicles 2
- Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee!
- Super Mario Party
- Mario Tennis Aces
- Kirby Star Allies
- Snipperclips
- Arms
- Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit

Additional 3rd party switch exclusives:
- Mario + Rabbid: Kingdom Battle
- Octopath Traveler
- Golf Story
- Pode
- Kamiko
- Fitness Boxing
- Picross S 2
- Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (comes out this Friday)

And these titles have releases on the 3DS and Switch, but not on the Wii U:
- Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
- Fire Emblem Warriors
- Sushi Strike: The Way of Sushido
- Blaster Master Zero

The following titles have been announced exclusively for the Switch:
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
- Fire Emblem Three Houses
- Yoshi's Crafted World
- Luigi's Mansion 3
- Animal Crossing
- Pokémon Gen 8
- Bayonetta 3
- Metroid Prime 4
- Shin Megami Tensei V
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