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User Info: universaltofu

1 month ago#61
Tweaks - Let's go has in-game trades for Alolan variants of the Pokémon who have them, as well as Mega evolutions, the game also brings in with that dark types, steel types, and fairy types. You don't have abilities here, and Pokémon can't hold items, so you get a sort of return to Gen 1 fundamentals with this infusion of newer moves and capabilities. Status effects are important since you can't just use aromatherapy or heal bell, stealth rocks are THE hazard and cannot be removed, neat stuff to consider.

Some new stuff, Let's go introduces new Pokémon Meltan and evolution Melmetal, though you can only get them through Pokémon Go. Let's go also deals heavily in candy. There is candy to increase every stat, and specific candy for each Pokémon used to increase all their stats at once. You get candies from Pokémon you catch and to get specific candies will need to build up a big catch chain and catch a bunch of the same Pokémon. You can also send the mountains of Pokémon you catch and don't need to Professor Oak who will reward your work with some more candy. The stat boosts aren't necessary for in-game purposes, though will give you a much greater advantage.

Ride on, there are a number of Pokémon you can ride on or fly around on, and beyond that any and everything can follow you around, huge hulking beasts just cavorting around, it's a treat, it's everything you always wanted and more, no bike no problem, this is delightful and brings a lot of whimsy back into the series.

Shortcomings, so difficulty-wise this game showers you with exp for catching Pokémon, for battling, gives you candies to boost stats, and when battling never pushes you to really consider much of anything. There are more serious trainers scattered about through the region who will warn you about themselves before battling, though they aren't significantly more challenging than what is nearby elsewhere. The post-game challenge is going after 'Master trainers' who each specialize in one Pokémon, there is a Master trainer for every single Pokémon, meaning just that, one for poliwag, polwhirl, and poliwrath, battling each one individually using your own poliwag, poliwhirl, and poliwrath with theirs being at level 65 or around there.

What I'd like to see, the return of the dexnav, and more emphasis in game on strategy and tactics, it would be great to see a push towards an endgame that featured interesting teams to battle the employed diverse methods and better guided players to build their own teams while also making the grind less of a hassle to get to the point where experimentation and swapping out role players was what bulk of the experience was rather than just the grind.

Fears, so in being a sort of cousin to the mobile game Pokémon Go, and changing up certain mechanics and gameplay loops, my fears for the series going forward would be the mobile-esque monetization that could very easily slip into things here, with how the game handles catching Pokémon and the usage of lures to get better shiny odds, it would not be out of the question to see these items become pay to get anything done dlc microtransactions that would become the rule rather than the exception if some things were adjusted.

So take this into consideration for a possible purchase, are the changes too drastic, does the meta sound interesting enough, do you want to ride around on a snorlax, are you a shiny hunter, does it sound like there is enough content, and if you don't play the mobile game Go does that impact your decision here. I enjoyed the game a good deal, I like the first gen games a bunch, this game streamlines some things very nicely, all in all it is up there for me as one of the better overall experiences with the series. It may not have all the stuff, though what's here is good.
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User Info: zelos71

1 month ago#62
Yes, it's really fun. I went in fully expecting it just be a spin-off and loved it. Just expect it to be slightly different from the mainline games.

User Info: KingofUsa85

1 month ago#63
Wow, I'm really getting mixed signals on this game. I'm still haven't decided whether or no to get it yet.

User Info: elephvant

1 month ago#64
No. I'm not someone upset with the new direction, I just think it's boring. Plus, while I love colourful 'kiddie' Nintendo games, this is too much. It is geared very specifically towards younger children.
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

1 month ago#65
KingofUsa85 posted...
Wow, I'm really getting mixed signals on this game. I'm still haven't decided whether or no to get it yet.

Don't get it. At least not at full price.

Btw, Mew is locked behind paid DLC with a one time use.
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User Info: cyberDefender

1 month ago#66
Cyber Akuma Zero posted...
There is HEAVY Go influence

A single feature is Heavy influence?

User Info: Gnome2

1 month ago#67
I love Pokemon - nearly collected ALL of them on the 3DS - but I beat Let's Go and sold it because it's not a good game.
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