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User Info: BoundHunters

3 months ago#1
What are some Mario games that you feel are underrated?

For me:

Super Mario 3D Land/Super Mario 3D World
I really enjoyed both of these games, and while I agree that the Galaxy and other 3D Mario games were much grander, I still think these games were very polished and very fun to play.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit
I hear this one get bashed all the time when people talk about Mario Kart, and yet Super Mario Kart always gets a free pass even though it hasn't aged the best...I feel that Super Circuit is a SMK style game with much better controls, music, and it's a lot of fun...and it even included ALL of the SMK tracks!

Super Paper Mario
I'd argue that this one is a masterpiece in terms of storytelling and humour, and even if I prefer the RPG battle system, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this one.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
While I think the story and world were overall VERY weak and that this was a huge missed opportunity, I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun the battle system and powers were, and that's what kept me going through the whole thing.

Super Mario Land 1 & 2
While 2 isn't as hated, I feel 1 is...but I'd argue that the SML games have way more thought and inspiration in them than the NSMB series could ever hope to achieve.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
This one had an amazing amount of content and wasn't as shameless as the Advance series was.

what are some of yours?
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User Info: Xeogran

3 months ago#2
Mario Hoops 3 on 3 is pretty fun from what I remember. I came with little expectations and ended up enjoying it more than suspected.

User Info: Taitao

3 months ago#3
Super Mario Bros 2 Nes. The game has great music, great level designs and vibrant sprites to all characters and objects.
It is also based on real life performers held at the festival in 1987. Awesome times back then.

User Info: Layton_Kyouju

3 months ago#4
Considering they're all in the 90+ metacritic there are no underrated Mario games. Only very overrated ones, like Sunshine and Mario Land 2.

User Info: Ralizah

3 months ago#5
NSMB2. It's my personal favorite game in the series, and I really like what the coin-collecting metagame and gold rush stages did for the formula.

User Info: HerbieHusk

3 months ago#6
Mario Baseball for the GCN was the most fun I had with a Mario Sports title. The mechanic of stealing bases was particularly fun.

User Info: Jasmin2002-x

3 months ago#7
Hotel Mario
Maiden Of Miracles

User Info: BoundHunters

3 months ago#8
Layton_Kyouju posted...
Considering they're all in the 90+ metacritic there are no underrated Mario games. Only very overrated ones, like Sunshine and Mario Land 2.

Metacritic doesn't matter...it's just a whole lotta bias

and I disagree with Mario Land 2...a level made out of legos? A tree filled with sap? So much creativity!
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User Info: ZenithianHero

3 months ago#9
Mario Land 2 is certainly overlooked if it isn't underrated. It had some unique settings that do not show up in future 2D Mario games! At least 3D Mario kept up with some fantasy over the years.
It also gave us Wario, one of the best characters in the series.
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User Info: StephenYap3

3 months ago#10
Personally for me...

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (NES)
I'll admit that this seems like a "mod" of the first game, but I still enjoyed this one regardless and I even went the extra mile and beat World 9 (Beat the game without warping, even with the warp pipes that took you to previous worlds counts as warping) and Worlds A through D (Beat the game 8 times and Hold A + Start at the title screen). I even liked the ending better than the first.

Donkey Kong '94
It's one of those Game Boy games where your skill and intellect are put to the test in the most fast and rewarding of ways, resulting in that game to be an instant classic even today. Sure, the story is the same ol' "Save the damsel from a misunderstood monster of an ape", but with games like this, it simply asks you telepathically "Who cares?" I just wish Mario vs Donkey Kong on GBA was the same case as this :(

Wario's Woods (NES)
Unsure if this is consider a "Mario" game, but I'll put it here because. It's one of the more creative puzzlers that Nintendo made alongside Panel de Pon/Puzzle League and (for the most part) puts Dr. Mario to shame for me, even though I liked Dr. Mario. Playing it back then was fun for me and it still is today thanks to the NES app on Switch. Yes, I played the SNES version of Wario's Woods as well. I liked it, but the NES version felt more timeless to me.

Super Mario Sunshine
People seem to sock this for varying reasons. I liked this game and although I did find the Blue Coins to be a nuisance for 100% purposes, it didn't stop Sunshine from being my second favorite 3D Mario game behind 64.

Super Princess Peach
One of the more creative platformers in the Mario franchise thanks to its Vibe system and while I didn't like how Bowser was the head honcho of them all (I honestly expected an evil witch being the big baddie, going off of its early screenshots via Nintendo Power), it didn't stop me from wishing for a sequel to this.

New Super Mario Bros (DS)
Definitely my favorite in the NSMB series due to its freshness, better boss fights, and overall presentation. Did I even mention that it has the better castle music?

Super Paper Mario
The RPG elements and gameplay weren't good and the dialogue was quite polluted at times, but I enjoyed this one regardless. Though it's my least favorite in the series (but still a great game), I'd honestly say that SPM has some of the best stories and character development I've seen in the Mario franchise.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
People seem to hate this one for being a "step down" from the first Galaxy game. I happen to like this one much more than Galaxy 1 for being much more fun, much bigger without forcing you to play through the game a second time after beating it only with lost weight, and the better bosses compared to the pathetically easy ones featured in the first game. I even liked the final boss and ending better here.

Mario Sports Mix
No idea why this is hated since it's actually one of the last great Mario Sports games out there (putting Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Tennis Aces aside). Plenty of content, plenty of charm, plenty of replay value, plenty of awesomeness. Sports Superstars on 3DS, however, was the opposite of all this.

Mario Party 9
The vehicle mechanic wasn't much to look at, but I did adore the mini games. More so than Super Mario Party's.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star (and Paper Mario: Color Splash)
Though not a replacement for the first two games, I still enjoyed this one a fair bit for its battle system and ideas. I've definitely played far worse battle systems than this (Yo-Kai Watch, anybody?). Same feelings for the Wii U game Color Splash.

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