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User Info: ai123

4 months ago#21
I think it's a combination of a lot of things already mentioned (fewer games played to death, repetitive patterns, fewer distractions).

Also, the gaming community was much smaller. There were not so many 'casual' players around. Not that I'm knocking casual players: if we want AAA titles with multi-million dollar budgets, then we need 'casuals' to buy games.

User Info: Funcoland

4 months ago#22
There's a lot of reasons.

As someone else mentioned, games weren't cheap. While we had rentals, if you got a game or two for Christmas or your birthday, you played the f*** out of it. It means people "got good". If you absolutely suck at any game... But it's the only game you have, you'll play the f*** out of it.Starting with the PS2 era games became cheaper... So they became disposable.
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User Info: DarkDoc

4 months ago#23
ChowYunFatt posted...
hard games.

This. Games were a lot harder, you had to have good reactions, good execution etc.

The only thing that makes modern games hard is the length, or random number stuff.

User Info: doki-doki-panic

4 months ago#24
yokitaqueen0220 posted...
cris1ussen posted...
It's a very simple answer TC, back then (80's and even 90's) the games were kind hard and offer a good challenge, it gave you the good feeling of: "This is hard!, but I KNOW that I can beat it!"

Nowdays the games are quite easy with the dumb instant gratification culture (mentioned before), "the assistance" option for begginers players and the microtransactions that let you skip everything that it make you like a false winner

Besides thanks to that now any kid that play a hard game in this days, just say "this game sucks", give up and move on (and I know this because I have seen this a lot and is kind sad if you ask me)

Why waste time with an entertainment product when you can play something else and actually be entertained? Not everyone finds overcoming an obstacle in a hobby fun.

And yet for kids back then they all viewed obsticals as fun. Are you saying kids back then had a superior approach to gaming compared to kids of today? I’ll agree with that.
Christopher Belmont 4 months ago#25
I absolutely love this topic. Every response has been genuine and factual. Best topic on this board in ages, I can't remember the last time I read something so honest and truthful! I'm among my people!

*born in 1981, beat Contra without the code and 1 cc'd Gradius 3 arcade back in the day.
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User Info: Fiyun

4 months ago#26
They put up with arcade-mentality bulls*** more.

Add in cheap stuff, restrict to 3 lives today in the 5-15 hour games, respawn enemies when you turn the camera a bit, etc...
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User Info: krazykatt3

4 months ago#27
I think most of what I can think of has been said by others already, but I've come to find some of the older games tht stuck with me the most were ones I had problems progressing in, which I ended up wanting to play seriously as an adult.
But more on topic, video/game rental culture was a lot bigger in the 80s and 90s so we got a lot of time with different games while getting a few favorites to request as gifts and obsessively play (though trips to video stores were frequent enough to rent the same stuff several times, fun times lol I remember one of the video rental stores in my town had consoles set up so you could try games before renting them)

User Info: electronlantra

4 months ago#28
As a 6-7 year old kid in 80s I used to run thru super Mario Bros like nothing beating it multiple times in one sitting. But now in my 30s I've tried multiple times even getting to the final castle of world 8 but I just give up I'm not as good as I once was. I think anyone can get good I just put more time into it as a kid.

User Info: 16bit

4 months ago#29
when we got stuck, we didn't have the internet to easily search for the solution. you had to figure things out yourself, so gamers back then were more independent. we also didn't have gfaqs to waste our time with stupid bs, so we just spent those times actually playing our games, instead of being petty trolling forums.

User Info: Brasen

4 months ago#30
Agree with just about every comment here. Growing up in the 80s was a different time and different circumstances which breed a different kind of gamer. The library of each system I owned was never more than a dozen games if that much so I spent a lot more time with each game.

Most games were more unforgiving by design, simpler games needed a higher bar or you'd beat them in an hour or two completely. And/or the were limited by technology/ideas which innovation through the years have change as the industry got bigger.

When I got stuck on the original Final Fantasy as a seven year old there was no watching a youtube video or read/ask a guide/forum as a step by step handhold. Nope there was no internet and I wouldn't dare spend what little money was given/earned on some paperback guidebook when it could go towards another game. And games for the most part were far too niche in my circle of friends, it was the self determination I had to exercise to see a game through to it's end.

Finally I remember renting games on Friday night and I would literally stay up for two days (or until I passed out) because I knew once I returned said game back to the store my save would be no more thanks to the next person who rents it. This really does put your sheer will on steroids at "getting good" lol. I remember it took about 6 weekends before I finally beat Shining Force 2 from start to finish, each time I would get farther and farther before having to return it. Talk about a dopamine rush when I finally beat Zeon on Sunday night right before my parents took me into town to return the game. The Sunday night before I lost the last battle and didn't have time to replay it.

Different times.
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