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  3. did most people quit splatoon 2 for smash?

User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 weeks ago#1

User Info: Exurna

4 weeks ago#2
I can imagine folks who blindly attack Nintendo all day get paid to do so.

User Info: Wage

4 weeks ago#3
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User Info: universaltofu

4 weeks ago#4
Maybe so?
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User Info: ckross144

4 weeks ago#5
I don't know. Can you repeaaaaaaaaat the quessssssstion.
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User Info: kanzagi321

4 weeks ago#6
Why do you ask? Are you having a harder time finding people online since smash’s release?

User Info: cyberDefender

4 weeks ago#7
Nope, Splatoon is as busy and full of players as ever, its a different game after all, different style for different people.

User Info: Megamushroom666

4 weeks ago#8
Smash isn't a Splatoon replacement.
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User Info: celticsage

4 weeks ago#9
Nope...I stopped playing months ago!
It's good to be king...unless Mario's chasing you!

User Info: Jlin44

4 weeks ago#10
I havn’t played either game.
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