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  3. Do you believe Rockstar will make more games for Nintendo Switch?

User Info: cyberDefender

3 months ago#11
ken95 posted...
Why would they? They make mad money with the PS4 and Xbox One expecially with GTAO. And why would they wast their time working around Switch's s***ty hardware?
They dont have any reason to care about the Switch and its existence at all..

And having an extra income is bad because?
I would double dip and buy them on both my PS4 and SWITCH, as many others.

User Info: 0ofreako0

3 months ago#12
maybe some ports (i'd buy GTA san andreas for like the 5th time if they ported it) but there most likely wont be any new rockstar games coming to switch. not only are they gonna spend years milking red dead online, but in the 5 or 7 years it takes them to make a game the switch is gonna be old news.

User Info: Marcster1994

3 months ago#13
Probably not. Rockstar's games barely run on current consoles as is. The LA noire port was simply a test and nothing more. It didn't sell well and that's the end of that.
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User Info: Chilly0123

3 months ago#14
metroidman18 posted...
Plus there is a very good chance Nintendo doesnt want kids on GTA online

Good thing Nintendo has parental controls built into the Switch instead of just censoring everything.
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User Info: BatClownDiggler

3 months ago#15
Guess it depends on how easy it is to port the game over.

If GTA5 was on Switch, I think it would probably sell ten million eventually, and at full price as well. Certainly would be worth their time I would think.

Switch already has several ten million sellers with a userbase of only 25 million or so. You would have to think GTA5 would sell well enough to be worth it.

User Info: HellsController

3 months ago#16
ms555 posted...
I think it's obvious LA Noire Switch was a test for a GTA V port, they were testing the market. Why else put an arguably random, forgotten game on there (which likely posed little risk for Rockstar)

Just be prepared for a GTA V port on Switch to retail at 60 bucks haha

I said this before in another topic and I think the only reason switch got LA Noire was because they had already decided to port to the other current gen consoles and figured a switch port wouldn’t cost that much more money. A GTA port would involve them spending more money to open up an entirely new project and considering Nintendo’s terrible online infrastructure getting GTO to run might also not be worth it. We’ll see.

User Info: ChristianWalker

3 months ago#17
I hope so, but it doesn't look promising. The best we'll get is ports, and even that isn't guaranteed. I'd love a GTA4 port, or even a collection of the PS2 games. GTAV would be too compromised, I don't want to play that anywhere but PC. Who knows though, they might do a low budget sequel to Bully exclusive to Switch!
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

3 months ago#18
Every1hasAids posted...
That’s why you buy either a PS4 or an Xbox One. Be a gamer. Not a fanboy.

I have both. Neither work when unplugged. My new laptop does, but that’s far from a convenient way to play games while out and about.

Anyway, I think it’s obvious they will. They’ve already shown interest with LA Noire and they had a few games on Wii. My guess for the next one is GTAV with just the campaign to get it all on a 16gb cart.
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User Info: ZenithianHero

3 months ago#19
I just want a remaster of Space Station Silicon Valley. Made when they were still called DMA Design.
I don't care about anything Rockstar made in recent times.
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User Info: Shah138

3 months ago#20
bigjnyc posted...
Because you can easily make even more money.

Depends on the game. If it's an RDR2 tier game then it may not be so easy since they'll have to greatly downgrade it and make the game size drastically lower. The resources spent trying to port the game may not be worth it to them.
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