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  3. Could smash's issues with online hurt sales?

User Info: kanzagi321

3 months ago#1
There have been many complaints about the poor quality of smash’s online features and performance.

To what extent do you think this could hurt sales, especially in the west?

User Info: BenjaMan64

3 months ago#2
So far my Smash matches have been smooth for the most part, and I'm playing wireless at the moment.
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User Info: Seacliff217

3 months ago#3
It's better than previous entries from my experience, but I would be lying if I said it was flawless.

Definitely not suitable for competitive play.

User Info: metroidman18

3 months ago#4
Smash always had s*** online so it shouldn't be a surprise
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User Info: Siriocaz

3 months ago#5
There have been issues but that hasn't stopped the hype bandwagon. The game is supossed to have 1.3M copies in Japan alone in its first weekend.
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User Info: VermilionX

3 months ago#6
i feel sad for people who bought smash with the sole goal of playing online

i bought it for local play

if i didn't have local play... i wouldn't have bought it
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User Info: AtomAntPunkdYou

3 months ago#7
Idc, i just want to play online without stupid amounts of lag, i never had problems with my ps4 online but now the only game i want to play online for Nintendo sucks balls...Nintendos online is a pretty bad joke
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User Info: Zeveria

3 months ago#8
Lags worse, much pickier about NAT, input is as bad as Smash U's. Overall I'd say Smash U and 3DS were better online.
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User Info: kanzagi321

3 months ago#9

User Info: Whodatboii

3 months ago#10
Good to see a trio of known haters sharing their legitimate criticisms regarding Smash.
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