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User Info: Iscratchmyballs

3 months ago#1
Do you think Nintendo is Lazy? - Results (139 votes)
Yes, Nintendo is lazy.
41.01% (57 votes)
No, Nintendo is not lazy.
58.99% (82 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What do you think of Nintendo? Lazy or Not Lazy?

User Info: freedumbdclxvi

3 months ago#2
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User Info: Chilly0123

3 months ago#3
Not really.
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User Info: juzzieb

3 months ago#4
Yes. We are all lazy. Just think how many hours you spend lying on your bed every day/night when you could be being more productive.

User Info: Linetrix

3 months ago#5
The laziest gaming company.
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User Info: OosontheLoose

3 months ago#6
They’re certainly lazier than Sony when it comes to censorship.
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User Info: metroidman18

3 months ago#7
No. They can just get away with lazy titles because omg nostalgia and mario
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User Info: Baha05

3 months ago#8
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User Info: The_DOAM

3 months ago#9
One look at each console generation since their initial start tells you their a company of innovation. NEs, Gamboy, 2ds, 3ds, Wii, Wii U, Switch, and lets not forget the Gamecube handle.
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User Info: emagdnE

3 months ago#10
At times yes. (NSMB2 and Wii U, Yoshi's New Island, A Link Between Worlds)

But for the most part, the problem with modern Nintendo is their actual vision and design choices themselves.

Bore of the Walking taking 5 years and only having a large empty world to show for it may seem lazy, but it wasn't. The lack of substance was their intentional design. Surely you can tell they put effort into the visuals and other aspects. But their idea for the game its self was s*** and that's what went wrong.

Meanwhile Super Mario Odyssey had an actual creative idea as the driving force of the game. The end result was we got a good game from it.

Smash would have turned out better if Hackurai wasn't so hung up on being against the competitive community and actually gave the fans what they wanted instead of telling us we want characters we've never heard of before like Bayonetta and Joker.....
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