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User Info: TheCaliNerd

3 months ago#21
DreTam2000 posted...
I have said multiple times in recent years, that the problem with Japanese developers, is their approach to realizing their games. Games used to be filled with Japanese undertones. These days they're filled with Japanese overtones.

Someone once said that the Final Fanasy games were the Japanese artist's take on medieval Europe, while the Mother games were the Japanese artist's take on suburban America.

Absolutely! As is the case with all cultures, the Japanese filter their art through their own lens, which often times leads to very interesting takes on other cultures. However, as you noted, that lens only influenced certain aspects of older Japanese games that were meant to target Western audiences. These days, Japanese games expose Western audiences directly to Japanese culture rather than Japan's idea of Western culture. There is a bit of benefit to that shift however, as many titles that once would have been restricted to Japan have found their way around the world such as Yakuza, Phoenix Wright, Shonen Jump, Sakura Taisen etc.

A related tidbit is the numerous acquisitions of Western game studios by Japanese publishers. Nintendo bought Retro Studios (Metroid Prime, Square Enix bought Eidos (Hitman, Tomb Raider), SEGA bought Creative Assembly (Total War), Sony bought Sucker Punch (inFamous, Sly Cooper), as well as Naughty Dog (Jak and Daxter, Uncharted). It seems that Japanese publishers have taken to buying Western game studios as a way to compensate for the fact that Japanese developers are presently focused on creating games that appeal specifically to Japanese gamers.
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User Info: TheMisterManGuy

3 months ago#22
kvmer posted...
New IP's would never sell nearly as well as a new Mario, Pokemon or Zelda.

Never got why so many people are so obsessed with new IP's that they didn't understand this. Especially for a Nintendo console. People buy Nintendo for the classics.

Whichever response you'll use to counter this will be invalid, calling it now. Nintendo knows what it's doing, it knows the numbers.

I can't see how people can look at games like ARMS, 1-2 Switch, Nintendo Labo, Snipperclips, and Sushi Striker, then somehow come to the conclusion that Nintendo doesn't make new IP. God this fan-base is f***ing dense.

User Info: Bat178

3 months ago#23
Shinobi120 posted...
Bat178 posted...
I miss when Japan were the dominant force in gaming instead of the West...

Me too.

Plus TC, I don't want Nintendo to be like Sony in which they've abandoned their true identity by becoming completely westernized.

Nintendo are the last truly Japanese console maker left. SEGA abandoned making consoles in Gen 6, and Sony are American in everything but name now, even moving their console division/Playstation's HQ to the US (specifically California) 2 years ago. If Nintendo die or go Western, I'll give up on modern gaming altogether and just retro game for the rest of my life.
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