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  3. How do I get to the home screen with a GameCube controller?

User Info: neroAngelo

3 months ago#1
PSWii360U - This is how I triforce http://i.imgur.com/9qF9vGa.jpg
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User Info: MalifacentX

3 months ago#2
Apparently you cannot.
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User Info: ZodiacSoldier

3 months ago#3
If you are using an original Gamecube Controller with the adapter, you can't sadly. That is one of the bad things about the Gamecube Controller on the Switch (the other is the missing shoulder button).

If you really want to use the original game cube controllers its a good idea to get the 8bitdo wireless adapter since it has a home and screenshot button built into it. (It's out of stock right now of course since Smash Bros just released)


Another option is to get the new PowerA, Hori or PDP Gamecube styled Switch controllers for about $25 ($50 for wireless), these have all the Nintendo Switch Buttons and functions as a pro controller with the Gamecube button layout.





The PowerA one I like the most since they look like the original controllers.
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User Info: ForteXX

3 months ago#4
1. Take the GameCube controller
2. Find your Pro Controller or Joy-con
3. Hit the home button on one of those with the GameCube controller
4. Write Nintendo a passionate yet respectful letter about how disappointed you are with them
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  3. How do I get to the home screen with a GameCube controller?
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