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User Info: Saihig

3 days ago#81
No Colossus, no buy.
Are sigs really necessary? Who came up with this stuff?

User Info: Gambit916

3 days ago#82

User Info: TalesRevenant

3 days ago#83
These world premieres have been very low scale so far. 5 out of 10 so far. Nothing AAA or major yet.

User Info: TalesRevenant

3 days ago#84
PedroMontana posted...
That's actually a pretty clever choice by Nintendo.
The franchise died because both it's genre and Marvel's characters were in a slump back then, but now Diablo III revitalized the genre and the MCU revitalized Marvel's characters.

That's true. Those games play really similar to Diablo.

User Info: Mizerous

3 days ago#85
MasterVading posted...
DUBTuner posted...
kamui22 posted...
Hopefully they polish it up that footage looked quite choppy.

The damage control is already here lmao!

Explain damage control.

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Saihig posted...
No Colossus, no buy.

Im personally a fan of Nightcrawler.
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User Info: Hamton

3 days ago#88
Someone on reddit said the Wii and PS2 beta of the first game had Link and Samus, but obviously wasn't in the final build since it was a PS2 game as well. Now that it's exclusive it would be neat to see them added.

User Info: megamanshawn

3 days ago#89
Sweet never thought there would be another one so excited to play it day one next year.
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User Info: VermilionX

3 days ago#90

this song is almost as good as SF4's indestructible
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