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  3. Is this a good SD card to get?

User Info: Spartan718

3 months ago#1
Not that tech savvy with this stuff

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User Info: RedVersion

3 months ago#2
Yep, that’ll work. I’ve got the same one in my Switch right now. It honestly just depends on how many games you plan on downloading, but 128GB should do the trick. I’ve got pretty much every major Nintendo release so far on my SD card and still have about 100 GB left.

User Info: Megatonez

3 months ago#3
Yeah, I had a 200 gig Sandisk before I updated to a 400. I also have a 64 card from them in my phone. I've never had a problem from any of their cards.
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User Info: yakarot

3 months ago#4
Yeah, that’ll do!!
Just beware of online SD Cards...
Easy to get a fake, I would suggest get it in store. That way you have the receipt and can easily return it.
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  3. Is this a good SD card to get?
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