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  3. I didn't buy a switch just to play ports

User Info: Dragonage2ftw

3 months ago#121
KirbyFreak101 posted...
Smash Bros is NOT a port. Anyone who thinks that needs to seek therapy and get on some kind of medication.
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User Info: Kyrylo

3 months ago#122
Dragonage2ftw posted...
Kyrylo posted...
Sorry, TC. If you expected anything but showelware and lazy ports, your hope was nigh. Nintendo dev team jumping from joy, just because they managed to finish DLC in time (all while all other devs do it without trouble), so don't expect steady income of big games.

Fantastic trolling, laddie.


by nbig games, I mean big games, not reskinned for 100th time showelware like Smash, Party or whatever mario stuff the put. They should make more games like Metroid and less of what people expect from them.
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User Info: OmegaPillow

3 months ago#123
Super ultimate smash port proves t.c is right , my switch collecting so much dust right now
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User Info: characterz3ro

3 months ago#124
Dragonage2ftw posted...
characterz3ro posted...
So a bunch of sequels.


The game industry, and entertainment in today's world in general, is mostly sequels.


You see the problem then?
...but it's only the beta!!!

User Info: deadlyaces777

3 months ago#125
Cant spell portability without port. GG no re.
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User Info: anon_fire

3 months ago#126
The word 'Port' these days just lost all meaning.

User Info: Rasputin77

3 months ago#127
LOL, look at all the anger stemming from someone doing nothing more than asking about games that aren’t ports.

Truth hurts kids, sorry.

User Info: ChaosReich

3 months ago#128
raphaelz posted...
ChaosReich posted...
Gogo726 posted...
xxdark91xx posted...
Breath of the wild is a port

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a PS4 port.

Wait what?

Under the same anal definition that calls BOTW a port, RDR2 (and a big chunk of multiplatform games) also count as ports since most of them are developed using the most powerful console (XONE) or PC then they are downgraded to PS4 (and in some rare cases for the Switch).

If someone is so anal with technicalities that they're calling BOTW a port (it is not), then they must also admit that RDR2 is a XONE game with a PS4 port and that AC: Odyssey is a PC game with PS4/XONE ports.

I get where you are coming from
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