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  3. Which dormant IP (Intellectual Property) do you want Nintendo to revive in 2019?

User Info: Swickman81

4 months ago#1
Which dormant IP do you want Nintendo to revive in 2019? - Results (347 votes)
22.77% (79 votes)
Wave Race
4.61% (16 votes)
1080° Snowboarding
2.88% (10 votes)
Brain Age
0.58% (2 votes)
Wars (Advance or Battalion)
13.54% (47 votes)
7.2% (25 votes)
Golden Sun
27.38% (95 votes)
Sin & Punishment
3.75% (13 votes)
8.07% (28 votes)
Other (specify in comments)
9.22% (32 votes)
This poll is now closed.

First and foremost, for an IP to be considered dormant, it cannot have been released on the current or previous console or the current portable. That means no Switch, Wii U or 3DS games. Also the last game in the series had to have a major release for over 10 years ago (not including Virtual Console offerings). This will explain why you don't see Chibi Robo, Star Fox, or Pilotwings on the list.

As for IPs, the games need to have at least two games in the series. So if Nintendo Land was not a Wii U title then it would not have made the list because it is a "one-off" series. Electroplankton also does not make the list for this reason.

Feel free to add any IP you would like to see in 2019 that is dormant by selecting other and posting comments. With only 10 poll options there is no way would I be able to list all dormant franchises. And please do not pick on other people's choices just because you may not like the series. Lets show others that we can be a good Nintendo fanbase for a change.
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User Info: Atarigamer

4 months ago#2
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User Info: claude26

4 months ago#3
1080 or Wave Race. The original 1080 is my favorite character select screen of all time. Little details like that that made that game so good.

User Info: EgoMouse32

4 months ago#4
Brain Age isn't dormant, it has a 3DS game, Devilish training or Concentration Training. (But I will accept a Switch version)
We have Wargroove, which doesn't have the same appeal as Advance Wars, but I think I'll go with F-Zero more. I just really love the N64 game. There was nothing quite like it.
Mother is a finished series that I also love, but I don't really want the series to continue if Itoi doesn't want to.
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User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 months ago#5
Custom Robo, Golem Sun, or Starfy
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User Info: MirageMew2

4 months ago#6
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User Info: Katon

4 months ago#7
Golden Sun
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User Info: rockymin

4 months ago#8
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User Info: Goomba_Owns_All

4 months ago#9
I legit didn't realize that 1080° Snowboarding was nintendo
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User Info: Bat178

4 months ago#10
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