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User Info: rpeopler

4 months ago#1
Which is the worst 3D Mario? - Results (500 votes)
Super Mario 64
9.8% (49 votes)
Super Mario Sunshine
37.8% (189 votes)
Super Mario Galaxy
7.4% (37 votes)
Super Mario Galaxy 2
9% (45 votes)
Super Mario 3D World
25.6% (128 votes)
Super Mario Odyssey
10.4% (52 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Didn't include 3D Land because that's basically the fruit hanging from the tree.

User Info: DrRM

4 months ago#2
rpeopler posted...
Didn't include 3D Land because that's basically the fruit hanging from the tree.

so is 3D world and I like them both :/
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User Info: stargazer64

4 months ago#3
3D Land is one the best Mario games, period. Don't @ me.

Voted Sunshine because it's the worst Mario game, period.
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User Info: dantheengineer

4 months ago#4
The worst 3D Marios are still great games... but I went with Galaxy 2 just because it didn't bring anything different and I got bored of it.
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User Info: Smackems

4 months ago#5
I really didn't like Sunshine much at all. I know, edgy and controversial.
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User Info: freedumbdclxvi

4 months ago#6
Wouldn’t use the term worst, but 64. Love it but I feel each one after it was an improvement.
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User Info: orbasm

4 months ago#7
Galaxy is over-rated and the camera is terrible, I hated the angles of it. If it had modern twinstick controls and the camera wasn't jarring, might've been fun.
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User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

4 months ago#8
Went with Galaxy 2 as IMO it is the least memorable Mario game made. I actually forgot it existed, and when someone mentioned it on the Wii U board I was like I MISSED A MARIO GAME went looked saw I had it, popped it in, and I had a 100% save on my system... It is really amazing though as I've not forgotten about any other game(when mentioned) no matter how bland, or bad they were.
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User Info: Usabell

4 months ago#9
Sunshine, because it's the only unfinished and rushed one. Not even up for discussion.
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User Info: Starwars4J

4 months ago#10
Sunshine by a large margin
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