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User Info: FSABot

5 months ago#1

For years that was the Famicom and Super Famicom; then it was the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, and the Nintendo DS. But times have changed, and Horii said that "in this day and age… when you think of where the biggest market is, at least for North America, we can say it's for PS4 and PC, which is why we're bringing the game to those platforms."

Even better then the Switch, huh? I guess thats why they prioritized those versions and didn't even consider releasing the 3DS version.
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User Info: ken95

5 months ago#2
To think this game was announced with the NX...

User Info: kanzagi321

5 months ago#3
How long do you plan on trolling this board? You’re almost as bad as talesrevent.

They can’t say the switch is a good place for the series yet because the game has not even come out on the system yet.

User Info: PS4Warrior

5 months ago#4
That makes sense.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

5 months ago#5
This just in: 80 million and 125 million are more than 20 million. More at 11.
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User Info: Dystroph

5 months ago#6
They said "biggest", but the title said "best".
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User Info: MushroomMuncher

5 months ago#7
He said biggest, not best.

Reminder the Switch has like 6 Dragon Quest games on it/in development for it, I don't see them just dropping support for it.
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User Info: sandstormflygon

5 months ago#8
No s*** Sherlock

User Info: kanzagi321

5 months ago#9
sandstormflygon posted...
No s*** Sherlock

Yeah, seriously. They haven’t even released DQ11 on switch and 3ds in the west yet, so how could they possibly know how good they would sell? I’m sure the performance of the switch version will convince them to keep supporting it.

User Info: NintendoGamer83

5 months ago#10
Yeah. The games sell better on systems they actually release them on.
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