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  3. Does the battery die in sleep mode?

User Info: MirageMew2

3 years ago#1
Pretty straightforward question. Obviously any device still powered on is losing a bit of battery but recently when I left the house on 100% with the Switch in sleep mode and came back at night having not used it at all it was dead. On a different day I played a bit, put it to sleep at 49%, maybe a half hour later I turned it on and it was at 30%. Should I be concerned?
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Sleep mode is still "on" - just not very.
It's keeping the RAM alive, and charging any attached controllers, while occasionally pinging the servers for updates or newly-purchased software, and downloading anything it finds. Also it's listening for the "wakeup" signal from wireless controllers.

User Info: ponyseizures

3 years ago#3
It'll take weeks for it to die in sleep mode
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User Info: Megatonez

3 years ago#4
Sleep mode doesn't use that much battery. I've left it in sleep mode about a week and it only lost about 10 percent. I should also mention, I suspend the software and leave it on the home screen.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

3 years ago#5
It depends on whether or not wireless is on, as downloading updates it’s still doing something even with the screen off. It also depends on if you go to the home screen so the game isn’t actively running or not. Because of the different factors you can get between 3 days and 2 weeks.
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User Info: wiseguy100

3 years ago#6
TC, the percentages that yours is dropping by in standby, is definitely not normal.

I can leave mine off for days, with a game in suspend, wifi on - yet only lose 5% tops.

User Info: Coffee_Nurse

3 years ago#7
You might be downloading updates in the background. I know if my Switch has updated a couple games, it loses a good chunk of charge. Other than that, I can leave it in sleep mode with very little loss of charge.
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User Info: El_Zaggy

3 years ago#8
Yes and quite fast. All because of wifi

User Info: Baha05

3 years ago#9
El_Zaggy posted...
Yes and quite fast.

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User Info: Dean_O_Wincshtr

3 years ago#10
ponyseizures posted...
It'll take weeks for it to die in sleep mode

no it wont, I have seen it completely drain in a day and a half while Zelda is playing on sleep.
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