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  3. How common are broken/drifting joycons for you?

User Info: XenoLord

1 year ago#1
I've had my switch for about a year and the stick drift has become borderline unplayable at the moment. Ive tried everything from calibration, to brushing under the stick, to using practically a whole bottle of compressed air, but to no avail. I've been told that this is fairly common and happens to the joycon after you play with them enough. Is this true for you? Has anyone repeatedly had joycons break after buying replacements? I really enjoy using them despite their size, so I want to know if I should expect a second/replacement pair to last better or not.
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User Info: BlueDsc

1 year ago#2
Mine are still fine, though they're not the ones that originally came with the system. I gave the originals to my brother. Far as I know his are still fine as well.

User Info: aux

1 year ago#3
Happened to my left joycon that came with the system. So I exchanged them for a second pair. Both left and right joycon have drift on the second pair.

Joycons are made very poorly.
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User Info: Bob-omb-omb

1 year ago#4
I've only ever owned 4 joy-cons since launch. 3 out of 4 had their locks busted. Meaning they wouldn't lock onto the Switch itself anymore. 2 of them also had the drifting issue, both left joy-cons.
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User Info: Wage

1 year ago#5
I have two Switches and both sets of Joy-Cons work without issue.

Also have 3x Pro Controllers (one of each version), all no issues.

Wish I could say the same for every f***ing DS4 I own (either buttons that stick or sticky d-pads, and no, I never spilled anything on them). Too many wired 360 controllers that had analog drift too, before dropping them entirely once Steam supported DS4 and Switch ProCon natively 👍
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User Info: mysteriouslurke

1 year ago#6
I habe drift rn too lazy to try and fix that.
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User Info: Megatonez

1 year ago#7
I don't have drifting, but I only got mine in December.
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User Info: MasterEdge1

1 year ago#8
My right joycon has the drift issue. It’s the joycon that came with the system. Has become unusable for any game. Have to try a few fixes, but don’t expect to solve it. Considering sending them in to get fixed.

User Info: Master Of Majora

Master Of Majora
1 year ago#9
My first Switch had a lot of problems with this (grey Joy-Cons, which I've heard are more problematic; don't know if true), and I also had a lot of problems with input lag, the console not reading my inputs at all, Joy-Cons spontaneously getting desynced, and so on.

On my current Switch, the (neon blue and red) Joy-Cons communicate well with the console, but I still have some drifting with the Control Sticks. Extremely annoying. Also, a Wii U I had access to for a few years had the same problem. I hate how bad modern controllers are made. Maybe I should look into what this "compressed air" thing is and try it.
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User Info: wordscansay

1 year ago#10
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