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User Info: StarWarsfan1984

7 months ago#81
Upcoming games:

Resident Evil 2 remake
Doom Eternal

Ports of old games:

Batman Arkham series
Resident Evil 4
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

7 months ago#82
Mass Effect Trilogy.
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User Info: IIISabataIII

7 months ago#83
A true to the original Chibi-Robo
No More Heroes 3 (Not Travis Must Die.)
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User Info: Goku_the_third

7 months ago#84
Timesplitters 2&3
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User Info: wordscansay

7 months ago#85
Red Dead Redemption

User Info: shawnwalker

7 months ago#86
Toyko Mirage Sessions #FE
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User Info: Laika1

7 months ago#87
Wii Sports
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User Info: Layton_Kyouju

7 months ago#88
Kyle1022 posted...
Persona 5

User Info: luminion187

7 months ago#89
Doesn't exist
Xenosaga HD Remake (with episode two being fixed)
Suikoden 6
A triAce developed game published by Nintendo
New Kid Icarus w/ gameplay mechanics heavily inspired by Nier Automata
Mother 3
Team Ninja game that serves as a spiritual successor to Ninja Gaiden
Open world Pokemon game using BOTW's engine
New Golden Sun

Does Exist
FF7: Remake
Kingdom Hearts 3 (not a fan of the series but a perfect fit on a Nintendo console)

User Info: ArwingCommander

7 months ago#90
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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