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User Info: Ganiam

7 months ago#111

I’m sorry guys I didn’t mean to turn this whole topic into this.

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User Info: ShadowElite86

7 months ago#112
I played it on the X1 for a while and got tired of it pretty quick. I don't mind the more cartoony graphics but I can certainly do without the bunny hopping BS and the building aspect of the game. The game plays well enough other than that, I'd just prefer if it were closer to PUBG. Not to say that PUBG is worth playing either considering it's still a technical mess.
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User Info: stephen_31686

7 months ago#113
My 3 year old enjoys it. Also my none PC or Console at home co workers are enjoying on their mobiles. So it's basically a game for casuals.

User Info: Garethc78

7 months ago#114
ZX81Steve posted...
If you're 6-12 years old, it's amazing and the most fun game ever
If you're over 12 then no, it's garbage.

This really, I played for about 10 hours the week it came out. In all honesty I had a bit of fun, but it wears off quick, real quick. I’m also not a fan of in game store stuff and a closed currency system that masks real world value (get this skin for 2000 v bucks! - or to an adult, buy this skin for 20 quid!)

I’m 39 though so not the target demographic. My 14 and 12 year olds are obsessed with it though, as are all their school mates.
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